You’ve done well, passing the first twenty of Dooors. But are you started to get stuck at some point due to the increasing difficulty of the game on each level? Don’t worry, that’s why we’re here to give you Dooors Level 21-30 Walkthrough. I suggested trying to solve the riddle by yourself first, but if you got no more clue, feel free to come to us because we’re giving the key to pass level 21 – 30. Feel free to see the walktrough ^^

Dooors Level 1-10 Walkthrough

Dooors Level 11-20 Walkthrough

Dooors Level 21-30 Walkthrough

Dooors Level 21 – Doors Level 21-30 Walkthrough.

All you need to do is turn your phone face down and you can slide the door open.

Dooors Level 22 – Dooors Level 21-30 Walkthrough.

First, tap the left tile and then pick the magnifying glass underneath. After tapping the magnifying glass, tap the back of the right tiger, you’ll see an arrangement of fruit. Change the dots colors into the colors of the fruits as you see in the magnifying glass. Finally, put the orange ball into the top of the dot.

Dooors Level 23 – Dooors Level 21-30 Walkthrough

Slide the gate and the balls on the left, than move the plants to uncover a dot, than tap to turn it green. After that, clear the object away from the door and slide the door open.

Dooors Level 24 – Dooors Level 21-30 Walkthrough

Pull the knob from left to right until the freeze stops blowing, then light the torch using your match. The ice will melt and open the door.

Dooors Level 25 – Dooors Level 21-30 Walkthrough

Use your magnifying glass to view Japanese flag (the one with white background and big red dot), and you’ll see numbers 2562. Tap the files on the floor until they arrange numbers 2, 5, 6, 2

Dooors Level 26 – Dooors Level 21-30 Walkthrough

Move the ladder to the left of the room, and then tap the chain on top of it. This will make the chain fell down. Pull it and the door will start to slide. Pull the right chain to stop it. Time your tap on the right chain so that it stops when the door is open.

Dooors Level 27 – Dooors Level 21-30 Walkthrough

Feed the door with ball on the floor with this following order: Yellow, Blue, Red, and finally Green.

Dooors Level 28 – Dooors Level 21-30 Walkthrough

Tilt your phone to the right, and the balloon will move and reveal the instruction. The instruction says, to adjust your volume down, up, down, up, and the door will open.

Dooors Level 29 – Dooors Level 21-30 Walkthrough

Use the knife in the bottom right corner to chop the branches. After that, slide the white door to reveal the door to the next level, but it won’t open. Find a key behind the right white door to unlock the door to the next level.

Dooors Level 30 – Dooors Level 21-30 Walkthrough

Tap the bird until they face each other. The left one with the left one, and the right one with the right one. If you’re doing it corrects, the light above the door will turn green and the door will open.

That’s all for Dooors Level 21-30 Walkthrough, hope that it will help you solve and conquer the game. Ciao!