After reading the Dooors Level 1-10 Walkthrough, you might decide to go all the way and want to read the Dooors Level 11-20 Walkthrough as well. Well, although this kind of game is more satisfying while you are able to complete it by your own ability, it never hurts to see some guidance in case you are stuck in some level. Talking about this Dooors Level 11-20 Walkthrough, the levels after 10 first levels of Dooors is definitely getting harder and harder each time. So, to help you complete each level from Levl 11 to Level 20, here is the Dooors Level 11-20 Walkthrough:

Dooors Level 11 – Dooors Level 11-20 Walkthrough

You need to put the red knob in the hole that located above the door in the middle, and then simply tap the door

Dooors Level 12 – Dooors Level 11-20 Walkthrough

First, match up the circles with the symbols on the card. You must be notice that some of the cards are upside down, meaning that you need to use the opposite color

Dooors Level 13 – Dooors Level 11-20 Walkthrough

To unlock the door, tilt your device back and forth. Then, open the door only to find that there is a spider web. To get rid of the web, burn it with the flaming stick that you can get from the left fire

Dooors Level 11-20 Walkthrough

Dooors Level 14 – Dooors Level 11-20 Walkthrough

It is pretty simple as you only need to arrange the orange knobs to form the same shape as the marking above the door

Dooors Level 15 – Dooors Level 11-20 Walkthrough

Take the bomb and place it in front of the door. Use the torch to light it and it will explode and leave some arrows on the door. Following the direction of the arrow, tilt your device in order to roll the ball. Don’t forget to pull the handle each time.

Dooors Level 16 – Dooors Level 11-20 Walkthrough

To complete this level, turn your device face down to turn the red bar above the door into green. You need to tap the door while in this position otherwise it will turn red again

Dooors Level 17 – Dooors Level 11-20 Walkthrough

Find a light switch by tilt your device left. Tap the switch to turn off the lights and the E and T letters will appear. Then, turn the left dial to 11 and right dial to 7

Dooors Level 18 – Dooors Level 11-20 Walkthrough

You need to make the balls double jump in order to make it hit the ceiling, which open the door

Dooors Level 19 – Dooors Level 11-20 Walkthrough

You need to slide both of left and right doors upwards and take the orange ball from the right door. Then, tap the white circle to make it turn green. Afterwards, slide both doors to back down again. Finish with the door; throw the orange ball to the ceiling to turn it green. The middle door will be able to be slide up

Dooors Level 20 – Dooors Level 11-20 Walkthrough

It is pretty easy to complete this level as you need to turn all the dials until the dial on the right is the reflection of the dials in the left.

Thus concludes the Dooors Level 11-20 walkthrough, hope it helps you finish the game.