Dishonored is one of the Arkane Studios’ original property – the game brings together the creative developers from Deus Ex, Thief, BioShock and Half-Life – and it is no doubt that Dishonored was one of the hot commodities that is heading into E3. As seen in the guided demo of Dishonored that is showcasing different approaches in the gameplay- you can choose between stealth  approach and you can choose to play in action approach, and in this case – players have at their disposal, and then played another level to put the game developer Arkane Studio’s promise that will give the player freedom to the test. And after experiencing all of that, it’s safe to say Dishonored is heading on the right track, and this game is should be on your radar when it comes out this fall.

The Steam Punk Theme of the world in Dishonored takes place within the intriguing context of the alternative Industrial Revolution or the Neo-Victorian-inspired city of Dunwall, whichever you prefer. But no need to say that the world of Dishonoured is not in a period that is typically explored in games, which effects the player to be more eager and immediately jump into game’s protagonist Corvo Atano’s mysterious world. Beyond that introductory note, the demo didn’t delve into Dishonored’s narrative too much, but instead the demo of Dishonored is focusing on the various powers, gameplay and options that each mission presents.

Dishonored Main Character Corvo

In this Game the player controls the game’s main character Corvo Atano, that is once a legendary bodyguard for the Empress. But the Empress died in Corvo’s arms, but Corvo was held accountable. And now he is seeking  vengeance against Lord Regent, the one who framed him for the the  who framed him for the assassination of the Empress.

The Dishonored main character Corvo is not only that he is a  fine swordsman,  master at arms, a marksman and a cunning infiltrator, but also have   great supernatural abilities. The game is not presented like in other sandbox game, but the game is a series of linear missions.

The game is played in first-person, there is  the stealth and action elemnt in the game and also the  utilization of gadgets as well as using the  environment to eliminate the enemy. It was mentioned that every enemy in Dishonored (even bosses) can be defeated in  non-lethal way, if the player desires. the thugs in the game exist within the game world prior to the event, the dont just  simply spawning in at a certain  time or place. So if the player encounters the thugs ahead of time, or after the time, the course of the game will be different, altough not that much

Corvo also  has access to swords, daggers, and guns, including musket and also powerful but slow pistols and muskets. In the world of Dishonored, Corvo have cool supernatural powers like the ability to freeze time for a certain period, summon animals such as rats, possess any living creature, and also he can teleport in short distances.

And these elements that exist in Dishonored clearly made the gameplay more uniqe and newly fresh.