I believe that every people who play World of Warcraft know about direhorn pet. Yes, World of Warcraft game is one of the biggest massively online multiplayer role-play games that have ever created. As one of the biggest online game in the world, World of Warcraft has hold the Guinness Book of Record achievement as the most subscribed online game that has ever made.

Based on those facts, I do believe that there are many people that aware about World of Warcraft and the element of the game like direhorn. I believe that every people who play this game will love to talk about this most famous MMRPG game in the world.

History of Direhorn

Now we will talk about diehorn. Yes, tamable dinosaurs that can be used as a living war machine if you have required skill to tame it. The Game pet is actually a three-horn dinosaur, triceratops to be exact, which can be use a living war machine for the hunters. This tamable dinosaur is one of the most famous dinosaurs in the World of Warcraft. Firstly appear in Mist of Pandaria, the fourth expansion pack of World of Warcraft, This Game pet become players’ favorite lately.

Mist of Pandaria and Direhorn

Mist of Pandaria is firstly announced in 2011 and released in 25th September 2012. The enthusiasm of the gamers that have waited for this new extension pack is really high. The story of direhorn mount is started at patch 5.2. In this patch World of Warcraft introduce you with the Isle of Giant. This isle is located in the north of Kun Lai Island. Kun Lai Island is the home of Zandalary Dinomancer that often use dinosaur as their living war machine. That is why this Isle of Giant becomes an interesting place although there is no quests, no portals, no lead-ins, this island can be the place to find a nice This Game pet for your next journey.

Direhorn can be so helpful for your journey if you can tamed it because this tamable beast special ability is to deflect any spell that use to tackle you down. Direhorn petopia stated that this tamable beast comes in various colors that represented the level of strength and capability. The colors that represented the strength of the direhorn can be change during the quest. The special thing about this game pet is the defense ability to deflect spells. This ability is called Reflective armor plating, which will be so helpful for your quest to the next level.

The Place ff Direhorn

I know that there will enough time when we talk about War of Warcraft and its element, but, I do believe that every element in this game is made to be solved and to be won. When we came to Isle of giant, this isle seems useless and there are any great quests in there except facing the dinosaur boss that often use the dinosaur as their living war machine protect “the mogu” of isle of thunder, but there will always be something in every patch and stage in War of The world, at least that is what I trust. Direhorn is one of the tamable pet for hunters, which show that the isle of thunder can be useful for the players.