High traffic of Diablo error 37 on google, just a simple error. A lot of complain, actually been warned before. Can’t log in, wait all day long until it can. Still on beta, server full. That’s a quick description of Diablo 3 Beta’s situation right now

FUNNY! Well, i want to say this first, because maybe it’s the reason why you come here. If you got Diablo error 37 it means that the server is currently full, so you must wait for some moment (or a couple of hour) before you can actually login to Diablo 3. That’s it! But somehow, it’s quite a dilemma for some player who desperately wants to play the game, but what can we say? Diablo error 37 appears because of the game itself is still not officially released. It’s still on Beta phase, no wonder the server capacity is limited.

Diablo Error 37

Somehow, it also reveal peoples reaction about the game, seeing from Diablo error 37. Being out of capacity when the game is still on Beta is quite an achievement right? Considering the game is still under development, need some tweaking, and maybe couples of bug, but is already played by numerous of people, maybe this is the sign of how successful the game when it’s officially released.

Some people around the web are complaining about this though. A lot of funny comments or a harsh comment is shouted by players who are stucked with Diablo error 37. Some making some gag of it, and some will calmly explain the situation. However, i think the Diablo error 37 is very annoying, some would stuck for more than couple of hours unable to login. Couple of weeks ago however, Blizzard stated that this open beta for Diablo 3 is only to test the server stress on peak, not to request feedback from player. But seeing that the stress is so high so that some player is unable to log in for hours, isn’t it better for Blizzard to quickly cover the server capacity now, so it won’t be much problem left when the time comes, May 15 2012, when Diablo 3 is finally released.

As a bonus, i will give you some interesting, or funny comment or video about this Diablo error 37

“Is anyone else considering changing their battle.net ID to Error37 just to scare people?” Kyndig responding to diablo error 37 on us.battle.net
The funny video from TheHaddockBanker on YouTube in response of Diablo error 37
“Someone is getting fired come Monday morning.” Physician in response of Diablo error 37 on us.battle.net

Some tips on playing Diablo 3 Beta

Do not change languages in-game, because the feature is not working correctly yet.
Use the beta client, not the pre-download retail client.
Finish all the launcher entire download before logging in to prevent issues
This beta means that the server is still on test. Some lags and connection issues will commonly occur.
As a demo, not a finished product, numbers of issues and errors will occur. Maybe it’s still uncomfortable, but this beta is needed for Blizzard team to prepare for a smooth launch on May 15.

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