Diablo 3 Wrath is an animated clip that will be the last video released before the official release on May 15. The video was made by director Peter Chung and a third-party animation studio, Titmouse studio. The short movie tells about the event before the creation of sanctuary, the event of the clash between High Heavens and the Burning Hells.

Diablo 3 Wrath

The video must be quite pleasing, as it shows the High Heavens battled the Diablo’s forces, and finally battled the Diablo itself. Diablo 3 Wrath give the gamers chance to see Diablo 3 in anime.

Diablo 3 Wrath will be the final unlock of Blizzard’s “Darkness Falls, Heroes Rise” promotion on Diablo 3. So far, there’s no additional information, about the other episodes of the anime Diablo 3 Wrath, continuing this teaser. However, the video is still nice to watch as the opening of Diablo 3.

Well, Diablo 3 has just been released and as expected the server is too crowded due to the high demands by the gamers.

“Please note that due to a high volume of traffic, login and character creation may be slower than normal. If you’re unable to login to the game or create characters, please wait and try again. We’ve temporarily taken our Battle.net websites offline and launched more servers to accomodate for the traffic. We hope to resolve these issues as soon as possible and appreciate your patience.”

Lol, quite as expected seeing the hungry gamers that has been waiting for the game for almost 12 years. So, for you who haven’t get the success in logging in, be patient. For you who have already feels the Diablo 3 wrath, happy playing ^^

Note. Remember to rest your eyes! Eat and drink properly. Homework? Later m/

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