Probably ther most popular hack in Diablo is the Diablo 3 dupe hack that allows you to make copies of your favorite items. Its not like  in Diablo 2, where duplicated items had a chance to disappear in public games because false identification of the game, this dupe hack creates a truly unique copy of the item, and the  game identifies it as legitimate and will never disappear. Please read the instructions carefully in order to get the diablo 3 dupe hack to function.


0.1: First release build for Diablo 3 Beta. Allows duping of consumable items only.

0.2: Second release build for the Beta. Allows you to dupe weapons and armor.

1.0: Release for retail version.

Diablo 3 Dupe Hack Instructions:

1. Start  Diablo 3 directly from  its executable file. DO NOT USE THE LAUNCHER. IF YOU USE THE DIABLO 3 LAUNCHER THE DIABLO 3 DUPE HACK WILL NOT WORK.

2. Once it has launched, minimize it, and then open the hack: D3DupeHack.exe. The Diablo 3 dupe hack will begin to initialize, this should generally only take a few seconds. If Diablo 3 has been recently patched it may take longer. Once you see the “Diablo 3 Detected” message click back into Diablo 3.

3. Start a game with any character. Once inside the world, minimize Diablo 3 once again.

4. In the dupe hack window click the “Detect Character” button or just hit F4. Your character name , class, and level should appear.

5. Click back into Diablo 3. Now everytime  you hover over an item you will TWO strings of 16 characters each at the very bottom of the description (it will appear something like FR2XGHFF14UNDQ9Z), one in blue and one in red. The blue one is the “Identity Number and the red one is the “Classification Number”.” Basicly, all items which has the  same ingame name will also have the same Classification Number, but every item has its unique Identity Number; in order for the dupe hack to work, we need the duped item to have the a different Identity Number but the same Classification Number. Either copy down these numbers and enter them into their fields in the Diablo 3 dupe hack, or hit F5 while you hover over the item ingame to have it automatically done.

6. Make sure you have enough room in your inventory. If you dont have enough inventory space, it will freeze and crash.

7. In the Diablo 3 dupe hack window, make sure your game and your character has been detected, and also that you have correctly entered both classification and identity numbers correctly . Once everything set up, hit the “Dupe Item” button. The hack will then generate random new Identity Numbers in an attempt to find one that doesn’t yet exist on the servers. This can be instant or can take a very long time if there are a lot of copies of the item (such as a health potion). Once it found one, it will dupe it  into your inventory.

8. You can proceed to make more dupes of the item in the hack window, or enter new numbers for new items. Enjoy!


Known Issues:

Hack won’t detect Witch Doctor class. For the time being, don’t use the dupe hack with the Witch Doctor.

Hack doesn’t work with certain Mac video cards, trying to identify the issue. If you’re having this problem, please email [email protected] with the type of video card you are using.

Hack incorrectly identifies Windows operating system, rendering it unusable. If you’re having this problem, please email [email protected] with what operating system you are using. You can do this by running the program “dxdiag” and looking for the Operating System on the first tab. Include the name, the build, and whether it’s 32 or 64 bit.

Enjoy this Diablo 3 Dupe Hack and try it at your own risk !

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