Okay, Diablo 3 is getting closer! Prepare, snacks, GF’s excuse, skip your work, hell is coming. The most awaited game on the net is finally going to be released. High expectation, and high demand on the game, sure this one will come big. But, have you think of what class should you take? Have you? Well, today i want to give you a quick description on each Diablo 3 classes, hoping it will help you to decide which one will be yours.

Diablo 3 Classes

There are five different classes on Diablo 3 which i will describe below. Diablo 3 classes here we go!

Barbarian – Diablo 3 Classes

This one is a melee, brute class on Diablo 3 Classes roster. Its typical that a barbarian has a devastating power that can crush their enemies in a couple of blow. Barbarian also very capable in taking on a mob, exchanging damage with the enemies and win. Barbarian get its power from Fury as resource, and has various skills that can be used to crush enemies. Fury, will not refill itself, instead it will refill in numbers you kill your enemy. The skill set of Barbarian really support its hardcore playstyle.

List of Barbarian new skills on Diablo 3:

Earthquake – shaking the ground and dealing 1600% damage, awesome!
Furious Charge – rush forward and dealing knock back damage.
Overpower – Deals damage to enemies within 9 yards.
Anicent Spear – Pulling back the enemy to you and slow them down, give them some hellish time with you.
Call of the Ancients – Summon the ancient barbarians to fight for you. Wow!

The skills actually tells the destructive powers Barbarian possess.

Demon Hunter – Diablo 3 Classes

This one is the ranger on Diablo 3 Classes roster. Attacking from range using crossbows and explosives, Demon Hunter will deal huge damage even without him being touched. The capability of Demon Hunter to use trap, will give him advantage on searching the best spot on the battlefields, and in safe distance from enemies reach, will Demon Hunter gives its devastating attack.

Monk – Diablo 3 Classes

The religious but master of martial arts, monks was a holy warrior of the light that will bring justice on Diablo 3. Monk is a melee warrior in Diablo 3 Classes roster which prefer hand-to-hand combat and use combos and tactic in defeating the enemy. Monk can deal high damage output, although not as much as berserker, plus a nice survival capability due to its healing skills. Monk actually is an all-round class that can change the tides of battle.
Monk’s skill set are connected to each other. Combos, which deal a lot of damage and eddects, Spirit which will fill the monk’s resources for combos, and Auras that will gives monk a nice buffs to survive the battle.

Witch Doctor – Diablo 3 Classes

Witch Doctor maybe the one who will do the dirty work on Diablo 3 Classes roster. Using death, disease, curse, and the undead as his main power, he will deal with his opponent and drain their health and giving them statuses. As a spellcaster type, witch doctor will depends on his mana capacity, and will deal some terror to the enemy, using some voodoo like skills.

Wizard – Diablo 3 Classes

The one who will tear you apart with devastating magic skills, Wizard can manipulate storm, arcane, even time! As the magical class and said to be the most fun class to play on Diablo 3 besides the other Diablo 3 Classes, Wizard is a remake of Sorcerer in Diablo 1 & 2 that are given plenty of new skills that has a great power. Teleporting, death spells, or just a basic fire or ice spells, Wizard can give a huge damage to the enemy in an instance.

Well, five class to play, each one has its own capabilities and role. Now i’ve give the description of each Diablo 3 classes, it’s up to you which one will you choose on the grand opening of Diablo 3 on Mei 15 2012. Soon!