The long awaited Diablo 3 Beta nearly reaching its final stage. There’s rumored about Beta test everywhere, and confirmed by Blizzard’s official site for Diablo 3 Beta. Blizzard recently has opened Diablo 3 Beta test, and Blizzard’s community manager said that Diablo 3 Beta has reached around 300.000 customers over the weekend.

Diablo 3 Beta

Diablo 3 Beta is maybe the final step before the actual release of long-awaited Diablo 3 game, which will be released around 10 years since its previous version Diablo 2 on early 2000. Actually, Diablo 3 has the same genre as one of Blizzard most successful game, also maybe the best MMO game over the world: World of Warcraft, and are doubted to reached the same prestige as WoW. Take example of Star Wars the Old Republic, developed by EA studio at BioWare. It is said that they’re serving fewer users at peak hours. The long Diablo 3 Beta session also make some speculation. Diablo 3 is entering its 6th month of Beta since its first Beta at early September. But, if we look for WoW, which also has a long Beta period before its official release, and looking about how successful the game now, we can hope Diablo 3 can reach high with this long Diablo 3 Beta.

Speaking about Diablo 3 Beta, let’s have a quick look about Diablo 3 Beta in-game feature according to Blizzard’s website.

Stories continue from Diablo 2

You’re able to meet with Deckard Cain in New Tristram, and he will tell you what’s been happening in the Sanctuary since the event in Diablo 2.

5 Heroes to Play

You will be given 5 Heroes to try with: Witch Doctor, Wizard, Monk, Barbarian, and Demon Hunter. Each has its own characteristic to take down enemies in unique and spectacular ways.

Face the Skeleton King

Diablo 3 Beta offer this King Leoric as the main quest of Beta session. It is to finally put King Leoric to rest to restore peace and tranquility to New Tristram.


The web stated that the distribution of monster, maps, scripted events, will be randomized to make Diablo 3 Beta test become a new experience for every gamers.

Hunting, of course..

Finding, collecting, enchanting, trading, still be the major part of Diablo 3 Beta. Diablo 3 Beta offer a great challenges for the player, as well as equal reward for completing it.

Freedom to develop

Players are able to develop his own character in any way. Players are meant to discover the perfect combination of character according to players own taste, and that is what it means to be unique in Diablo 3 Beta.

Diablo 3 Beta 

Some other information

How to join the Diablo 3 Beta test

To sign up Diablo 3 Beta test, or another test in the future, you need to create a account. After that, you can opt-in to the beta test for Diablo 3, as well as beta test for future Blizzard’s games. But, the site said that if you registered using this step, it’s not guaranteed that you will be choosen

Finally, Blizzard already released the date of the official release of Diablo 3. It will be on May 15 2012. Finally, we can play Diablo 3! Let’s hope the long Diablo 3 Beta will makes the real game a perfect game to play!

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