Dead or Alive 5 or sometimes referred to as DOA 5 is the fifth game of the genre of fighting series Dead or Alive. This series is also a sequel to DOA 4 that was released in 2005 yesterday. Despite seven years adrift, DOA series has not disappeared, but they appear more as a spin-off from the main series.

In this latest sequel, Dead or Alive 5 takes place two years after the end of the DOA 4. Helena Douglas the main character in the previous series has started building the Dead or Alive Tournament Executive Committee (DOATEC) better by ordering the dissolution of the Division of Biotechnology, giving the suspension is not limited to the Military Division of Project Alpha, Epsilon, and Omega, as well as the expulsion of all members Donovan faction of DOATEC offices worldwide. To show the world how it has changed for the better, Helena announces that he will hold tournamen Dead or Alive the fifth.

Being developed by Team Ninja for the PS3 and X360, Dead or Alive 5 this times is published by Tecmo Koei and Sega Corporation. Sega will handle all publishing and distribution Dead or Alive 5 for Europe and Tecmo Koei will handle for other regions.

And the rumors of the emergence of the Wii U version for this game, until now both publishers and developers still do not provide feedback on it. Furthermore, it was announced on 14 September 2012 and, Dead or Alive 5 will be ready to be released on 25 September 2012 for the North American version, while the Japanese version of Dead Or Alive 5 will be released on 27 September, and the last for the European version of Dead Or Alive 5 will be released on 28 September.

The more realistic graphics and Powered Games Online
Dead or Alive 5 now has graphics that are becoming more realistic when compared to its predecessor fighting series. From the characters style design was now completely changed, if the first series until the fourth DOA of the first anime-style approach that is less proportional (such as large eyes that are used in the anime) character design now appears on Dead or Alive 5 is being more realistic.

As for the gameplay, most are still the same as before. You can choose your favorite game modes, game modes Tag Team was also present again here. So you can fight with your partner and issue to launched a combos together. Not only can play with your friends locally, but you can also play it online here. Only, Dead or Alive 5 does not show lobby features such as DOA 4 as often lag.

The more real with sweat, dirt, and bouncing boobs
In addition to changing the appearance of graphics as well as a more realistic character designs, Team Ninja also added a new feature that is sure to be exciting for fans of Dead or Alive 5. One is the change in appearance of the character who was fighting.

At the time of the fight, the character will sweat, and the longer the fight, which will be issued will sweat more and more and eventually changed the appearance of the clothes they wear. Like the picture above, Hitomi shirt will look transparent when the shirt became wet from sweating. In addition, the skin looks radiant. But not just sweat, dust and dirt will also be attached to the shirt of the character in Dead or Alive 5.

Not stopping there, the next new feature of Dead or Alive 5 is Bouncing boobs. Actually, when women move, their breasts also will sway. Team Ninja and knowingly provide this feature back in order to give a real impression in this game. Chest movement for the women were also varied customized with costumes or clothes they wear.

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