Who is here playing the Arma II ? If you play that game, you must know the mod called DayZ. There are a good news for you guys who like this DayZ mod, DayZ Standalone version will be developed.

For you who doesnt know yet about DayZ, here i explain to you. DayZ is a mod from military simulation game Arma II Expansion Pack : Operation Arrowhead, which tells of the struggle of the survivors in Chernarus, Russia, from the threat of the zombies. The players are a survivor, had to survive the zombie siege spread in the province of Chernarus. Players can choose, a Bandit (selfish criminals, kill and rob other players items) or acted as a team as they should. In essence, we as survivors must survive, from gathering food, guns, drugs, and vehicles. Because DayZ is not the same as the other Zombie games. We get hungry, thirsty, or sick like a normal human being.

Dayz has reached the milestone after winning the first 500,000 user accounts. Game creation modder named Dean Rocket Hall is the development of Arma II zombie mode, which turns the FPS game into a  sandbox battle-style. DayZ official website announced the spectacular achievement after successfully passing the one million different user ID. In the statistics posted on the official website page also displays the numbers: 22.5 million people had been massacred during a zombie login accumulated around the player reaches 1220 years. Dayz earn a huge success and brought the environmet graphics realism and quite complete, plus some unique features such as “injury-effects” (player can be infected) and careful prefers foods and beverages.

Bohemia Interactive is known as one of the developers that making PC games and regard it as the best platform to include a broader spectrum of gamers than other platforms. The proof is one of the games franchise that they built is army simulation game Arma 2, managed to “rise up” and held to top charts on Steam. Especially, when a modder developing zombie mode in the game Arma 2, Bohemia Interactive decided to make it a separate game entitled Dayz Standalone. The  Dayz development process prove how Arma 2 community contribute to making zombie themed games are very realistic.

Dayz, zombie-themed shooting game modding result of Arma II again reached the advanced stage of progress. After receiving support from developer Bohemia Interactive game to make Dayz Standalone, now Dean “Rocket” Hall as the creator confirmed Dayz Standalone will enter a phase of Alpha and will likely be released later this year. This information is stated Dean Hall to the media present at the Eurogamer Expo 2012. ‘Dayz Standalone will be released around December, and will be sold at a very friendly price.

Dean went on around the time of the initial development Dayz Standalone will be completed in December 2012, then in January 2013 may be added some new features. Dayz  Standalone will undergo significant changes, such as the mechanism of “diseases” in the game, moving the game interface, the use of various home appliances as weapons (weapon), a type of vehicle (vehicle), to how to treat broken bones.

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