Now i will make a Darksiders 2 walkthrough to defeat all the boss inside this game. Lets just we start the Darksiders 2 walkthrough.

First boss of this Darksiders 2 walkthrough is War, it happen at The Dark Fortress in the beginning of the game. How to defeat it? Keep attacking War and using RB to evade War’s attacks. War has slow attack but dealt a great damage when it hits you. War have the ability to do an area affect attack, stay away from this one. Look out for the quick QTE. Tap X rapidly when it appears. Do this till War defeated.

Second boss is Gauld, he is fairly easy to deal with. His attack is a charge that you can spot it with the sparks on the ground. Evade it to stop his attack. You just simply hack him and evade using RB whenever he attacks. After you defeat him, rotate the lever in the next room to complete the dungeon.

Third boss is Karkinos, he has a charge attack, evade it so he will hit the wall and giving you a chance to grab a ball and hit him, he will stunned temporarily, and you can hack him. If you have the ghoul summon ability, use this to distract the monster that appear everytime you using the balls. When Karkinos has a low health, he will shoot vines at you, use evade, and you should be able to defeat him.

Fourth boss is Construct Husk, for him, you will need to grab some shadow bombs that dotted around the edge of the arena, watchout the construct will dislodge more from time to time. Once the Bomb exploded, concentrate your attacks on the core while evading the weaker monsters that attack. The hust will charge after you and slamming into the ground when he got a damage. Easy to evade.

Fifth boss is Corrupted Custodian, not to difficult boss, simply evade the attacks, it will be the heavy spinning attacks. Stun him, and hit him fast. After he wake up he will do a powerfull slamming attack, dont get hurt pals. It will be dealt a lot of damage.

Sixth boss is The Guardian, run to the left as quickly as you can after The Guardian move to strike the ground with his hammer. Shoot the shadow bombs at his hand. Latch onto heart stone with deathgrip ability, then attack and repeat until the stone is destroyed. This time the guardian must be fire a large shadow bomb into the vale. Shoot it until it explodes, it should knock the guardian down. Climb up the left arm, then reach the stone with deathgrip, repeat until the stone destroyed.

Seventh boss and the last for this Darksiders 2 Walkthrough ( i will update it later ) is Gnashor, he is a troublesome boss, why? He can regenerating his health. You will start with evading the burrowing snake enemy, wait for its head appear, when it appear, grab it with deathgrip, move forward and slice it as much as you can. Repeat until he dies, you must do it quickly before he regenerate himself.

I will be stop here, and i will update Darksiders 2 walkthrough soon guys. Wait for the next update guys, keep reading this Darksiders 2 walkthrough, hope it help you to finish the Darksiders 2.

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