Darkmoon Faire is a monthly event on World of Warcraft. At first the event will took its place on three different locations, but after the 4.3 Patch Darkmoon Faire has been renewed with its exclusively own island. The Darkmoon Faire event takes place once monthly, the setup will be on the first Friday each month and the Darkmoon Faire will be open on exactly 00.01 on Sunday and will run for one full week. You can enter the faire from the portals from this point:

For Alliance: Eastern Kingdoms, south side of Goldshire in Elwynn Forest
For Horde: Mulgore, base of Thunder Bluff

Thanks to Darkmoon Faire presented by Silas Darkmoon, we can get a lot of hard-to-find items across the world, of course by completing quests or mini-games.

Darkmoon Faire

Probably some of you still wonder, what the *censored* are we going to do on this once-a-month circus? Why must I visit this place, better leveling my char or farm some money. Dude, I tell you, Darkmoon Faire is an event that you will not dare to miss.

Here’s you might want to know about Darkmoon Faire:

There’s special currency called Darkmoon Prize Ticket on Darkmoon Faire. The ticket is used to purchase items from vendors around Darkmoon Faire. It’s not an item, you can find the amount of ticket you earned on currency tab. How to get Darkmoon Prize Ticket? Scroll down ^^
The only place to get Darkmoon Special Reserve (alcohol!)
A lot of mini games!
Doing some quest requires token, which can be bought from some NPCs at the Faire (Zena Sharpworth, Sazz Coincatcher, Trixi Sharpworth)

Okay, now if your main goal on your visit to Darkmoon Faire is the item, you probably want to know how to get the Darkmoon Prize Ticket, am I correct? Here’s how you get Darkmoon Prize Ticket:

Mini Games
A lot of mini games to play, some of them requires token to play.

The Darkmoon Faire (Alliance/Horde) – one time only
This one is the starter quest for Darkmoon Faire. Darkmoon Faire Mystic Mages will gives you the quest, in order to attract you to come to Darkmoon Faire. He’s located in the major racial capital cities, either Horde or Alliance. The goal is to deliver the Free Ticket Voucher To Gelvas Grimegate inside Darkmoon Faire. The portal to Darkmoon Faire is outside Goldshire in Elwynn Forest (Alliance), or Thunder Bluff in Mulgore(Horde). You will also get the Darkmoon Field Guide (Darkmoon Adventure Guide)
Test Your Strength – once a day
Given by Kerri Hicks, he wants you to collect 250 Grisly Trophies. The trophies are obtained by killing any creatures that gives exp or honor, as long as you posses the Darkmoon Adventure Guide. Ten tickets and 250 Darkmoon Faire reputation points, not bad d(^^)
Tonk Commander – once a day
Given by Finlay Coolshot
1 token
Use Darkmoon Tonk to destroy 30 Tonk Targets in limited time. Reward is 1 ticket and 250 reputation point.
Tips: Shoot the target gives you point, but sometimes the target could be unpredictable.
The Humanoid Cannonball – once a day
Given by Maxima Blastenheimer
1 token
This was a fun mini game. You know cannon? Ever dreamt to be the cannonball? There you go! Aim for the target and accumulate a total of 5 points to win the prize. Bullseye gets you 5 point, close shot three, and other than than one point. You’ll get 1 ticket and 250 reputation point.
Tips: Bullseye is pretty hard, dropping right after the edge of the boardwalk should do it.
He Shoots, He Scores! – once a day
Given by Rinling
1 Token
Try to score 25 points in 60 seconds. Same reward, 1 ticket and 250 rep point.
Tips: I suggest you to use arrow keys to change direction, a couple of press is enough. A bit hard, you need to be fast to score.
Target: Turtle – once a day
Given by Jessica Rogers. Costs one token. Lands 3 rings on the turtle, you get 10 chance. Again, 1 ticket and 250 rep point.
Tips: Try throwing when the turtle is not moving. Its easy if you already know how it works.
It’s Hammer Time – once a day
Given by Mola
1 toke