You can not be called as a PC gamer if you’ve never played Counter-Strike before. Mod of phenomenal FPS game franchise Half-Life from Valve’s must admittedly phenomenal. Not only emerged as the standard for military shooter games were born afterwards, Counter Strike was also born as one of the game’s most competitive professional level often contested in the past. Its popularity is no doubt, and even had time to make the game center industry re-excited by it. Now after waiting a long time after the final version – Source, Valve has finally released the latest series, Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive themselves still built using the Source engine, but with a more refined version already. This of course makes it come up with visuals that can be said is equivalent to a similar game franchise which was released today, with the better design of the characters and better settings. Interestingly, for gamers who had tasted this game in the past, the presence of this new series does not make them different, it still has the same feel. That for an obvious strong reasons, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will be more left the impression of nostalgia than make a new game feeling. All the elements that in there is design to strengthen the old feel playing Counter Strike.

So, how does the performance of Counter Strike: Global Offensive? Is Valve capable of concocting this latest series with the sensation that makes it more perfect than the Counter Strike series before? Or he will appear as a fatal blunder? This review will peel Counter Strike: Global Offensive deeper for you.

Basically, Valve does not load single player mode with the base story for Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) at all. Counter Strike: Global Offensive is presented as an MMOFPS game, which is more focused on competitive multiplayer experience. Mechanism gameplay itself is not much different than the Counter Strike series before, where you will play as Counter-Terrorist or Terrorist and engage in an epic battle to ensure victory. Provided Map is also still to come with the unique mission of each, though most revolve around the bomb  Detonation and hostage rescue.

The unique from Counter Strike: Global Offensive, regardless of the graphic is now changed so much better, he still exudes an aura of classic CS. If you’ve ever played CS series in the past, then you will immediately get a familiar feeling  when playing this latest series. What for? The presence of some iconic map in the past maybe one of the elements that will leave the first impression to you. Classic maps such as Dust, Dust 2, Italy, Inferno, Train, to be presented with a form of Aztec design is still the same as we already know. However, it does not mean Valve did not modify these maps at all. Some maps get enough reshuffle exhibited significantly with the addition of an extra lane to make battles more dynamic and balance between the CT and Terrorist. Some simple elements such as box and drum commonly used to cover and camping is now moved, deleted, and added. But basically, these maps is remain same.

Thats for the short review of Counter Strike: Global Offensive, hope you enjoy reading my review.