Citadel Missions Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough


In citadel missions, you can find Aria in the Purgatory. She will ask you to collect the three; Blood Pack, Blood Suns and Eclipse. Depending upon your decisions with Zaeed in Mass Effect 2, there can be slight variation in this side quest. Head to the Embassies first through the apartment area for Eclipse.

Meet Bailey but forcing him won’t do any good. You need to head to C-SEC office in the Commons and deal with the subject yourself. She can be agreed to join your cause for Renegade points so you have to make sure that you do that (This way you can take over the Eclipse).

For the Blue sons, you need to move to the holding area at Cargo Hold A. The person you see, there will ask you to take care of Oraka in the commons.

Talk to the general and decide what you want to do next. Either choose the Renegade path or just  select Paragon and find a new weapons source. Kannik in the market will agree to render you with the weapons, but you will have to give him an artifact in return.

Head to planet Vana, in Vular system and then Kite’s Nest Cluster to find the artifact. This will convince Oraka to leave the blue sons alone. When you have all three groups, the mercenaries group will aid you in your cause during war effort.

Hunar Diplomat
After you get the email, go to the embassy and talk to Jondum Bau. Head over to the Spectre Terminal and enable the Hanar Embassy Tracking.

The first of the three evidence can be found in the terminal (Embassy Offices). The other two can be found in the Holding area (at security check point and one at Bay E28.

Go back to the Embassy to meet Bau again. When you confront Hanar, you should choose here whether you want to save Bau or you want to let him die. The latter option will earn you Hanar and Drell Forces.

Liara’s Father
In Citadel Missions, you can go to Commons and find the bartender Aethyta. You can now either select the renegade path or send her away.

You can also choose to talk to Liara (she is sitting on the table beside) directly and ask her to convince her father. The second option will earn you increment in your war Asset Asari Fifth Fleet.

Spectre and Artifact Delivery Citadel Missions

People on the Citadel and Normandy are looking for various items. Just by walking by someone you may overhear a request to pick up an item.

These fetch quests can be completed for rewards by scanning planets, searching area during citadel missions, or sometimes buying them from your Spectre terminal.

Alien Medi-Gel Formula in Citadel Missions
After you are done with the Pavalen main mission, head to Huerta on the top floor and when you leave the elevator, listen to the conversation the doctor is having about the Medi-Gel.

To complete this mission, you need to head to the hospital in the Citadel and meet Dr. Raven, whom you should hand over the formula. You will get Hanar & Drell Forces war assets as a reward for this citadel missions.

Batarian Codes in Citadel Missions
After completing Priority: Citadel 2, you can find Jordan Noles in Presidium Commons, who will ask for your help.

He will ask you to do something about the illegal use of batarian diplomatic codes. Head to the Spectre terminal first and then find the access points in the citadel.

Biotic Amp Interfaces
After you have completed the main mission Palaven, head to the top floor in Citadel (Huerta Memorial). Move to the Inpatient wing and then hear the Asari’s conversation.

One thing you should keep in mind that the citadel missions will fail after Priority: Citadel 2. So make sure that you complete it before the Priority.

The mission is fairly simple. Head back to the Citadel’s Huerta Hospital floor and talk to the Asari scientist among the patients. You will get Citadel Defence Force war assets as a reward.

Cerberus Automated Turret Schematics
While you are completing Tuchanka: Bomb quest, grab the Turret Schematics to start thi