Here the good news for the MMORPG lovers especially for EverQuest addict. The ninth expansion pack of EverQuest 2: Chains of Eternity finally reveal it self. Applause guys!

EverQuest 2 has been knock hard since 2004 and now Sony Online Entertainment is preparing to release the ninth official expansion pack entitled Chains of Eternity. It will arrive sometime in November 2012.

EverQuest 2 it self is a subscription based massively multi player online role playing game or usually we called it MMORPG. Why EverQuest 2: Chains of Eternity will be awesome? It has many class playable such as warrior, brawler, crusader, sorcerer, enchanter, summoner, druid, cleric, shaman, bard, predator, rogue, animalist, craftsman and many more.

EverQuest 2 already has eight expansion, and 3 adventure pack. with this new Chains of Eternity expansion pack, it will be nine total of expansion pack. the first adventure pack is the Bloodline Chronicles introduces new areas, new items and new monsters. The new areas including the Tombs of Night, the Crypt of Thaen and Dmorte Burial Chambers. New creatures such as Vampire, Hellhounds, Fleshgoyles, and Revenants.

The second pack called The Splitpaw Saga. It has 12 different solo, group and raid instances, 2 new dungeon, dozens of scenario quest.

The third pack called The Fallen Dynasty. It has seven new areas to explore, new solo and small group quests line, new collection and tome quest, new rewards for artisans, plently of new item include the weapon which designed in the fallen dynasty theme.

And now for the expansion pack, the first pack is Desert of Flames. It features a new island, pvp arenas, a level cap increase from 50 to 60, new climb ability, of course new items and new monsters.

The second pack is Kingdom of Sky. Its features a new region to explore, the land located above the skies of norrath known as overrealm. New level cap from 60 to 70. New items, new quest, new monsters, alternate ways of advancing every character

The third pack is Echoes of Faydwer. It has a new playable rase, the Fae. 24 new subclass specific achievement trees, new starting city, new overland, new dungeon, instance and raid zone.

The fourth expansion pack is Rise of Kunark. It introduces a new continent, Kunark, a new player race the Sarnak, raises all the caps to 80.

The fifth expansion pack is The shadow Odyssey. It contains content for levels 50 to 80. This expansion is gives you access to all previous released expansion and adventure packs.

The sixth expansion pack is Sentinel’s Fate. It raises the level cap from 80 to 90, 2 new overland zones, 12 new dungeons, 400 new quests, over 2000 more items, and hunderds new monsters.

The seventh expansion pack is Destiny of Velious. It has 2 new overland zones, 10 new dungeons, 300 new quests, over 1000 more items, and more than 30 new monsters, and the amazing flying mounts for us.

The Eighth expansion pack is Age of Discovery. This pack is the last expansion pack that EverQuest released before the ninth one the Chains of Eternity. From this expansion, EverQuest 2 became free-to-play MMO. However the free players still have some restrictions in what they can access and utilize, player must upgrade to silver lever of membership to gain more access, and gold membership to access to all areas and features.

Thats all the eight expansion pack that EverQuest 2 already had. Are you ready for the next expansion, Chains of Eternity? Hope the Chains of Eternity has a lot more to offer like new races maybe.