Still from the Borderlands 2, i will provide to you some of the borderlands 2 weapons guide : the location of legendary weapons. Exciting?

What is Legendary Weapon? Borderlands 2 Weapons : Legendary deal a huge damage compared to general weapons in the game. They are more accurate and enable you to apply elemental effects to take down even the most shielded and armored enemies in the Pandora wastelands, of course it has better status too. Like its name “Legendary” this kind of weapon is rare.

Lets have a journey guys

The First Borderlands 2 Weapons : Legendary — Maliwan

> Expeditious Thunderball Fists (Pistol)

This weapon has a shock elemental effect but might use a lot of ammo to drive its elemental bullets. Maliwan pistols have relatively small magazine size so you should be careful with your choice to use elemental bullets.

It has 507 Damage, 94.5 Accuracy, 3 Fire rate, 1.6 for Reload, has 17 Magazine slot. Price : $71,715

The Location : Southern Shelf, Captain Flynt

> Consummate Hellfire (SMG)

This weapon has a fire elemental. Being a Maliwan SMG, it’s versatile and enables you to apply elemental effects while dealing solid damage to your enemies.

It has 240 Damage, 93.1 Accuracy, 8.0 Fire rate, 2.5 for Reload, has 37 Magazine slot. Price : $107,955

The Location : , Frostburn Canyon, Scorch

The Second Borderlands 2 Weapons : Legendary – Bandit

> Wyld Asss Madhous (Assault Rifle)

This weapon has a fire elemental effect. It comes with large magazine but has a low accuracy.

It has 224 Damage, 66.7 Accuracy, 7.5 Fire rate, 6.8 for Reload, has 144 Magazine slot. Price : $69,397

 The Location : Lynchwood, Mad Dog

> Dubble Gub (Pistol)

This weapon has corrosive elemental effect and helps you fight the loaders more easily. It has large magazine but lower recoil.

It has 497 x 2 Damage, 73.9 Accuracy, 3.3 Fire rate, 2.5 for Reload, has 148 Magazine slot. Price : $51,495

The Location : Laney, The Fridge

The Third Borderlands 2 Weapons : Legendary – Dahl

> Skirmish Emperor (SMG)

This weapon is enables the automatic hip-fire you to spray at enemies in close to a mid range, it has an ability to zoom in and burst fire for mid to long-range. You can use burst fire mode for applying elemental effects and for more precision targeting.

It has 370 Damage, 89.1 Accuracy, 5.5 Fire rate, 1.9 for Reload, has 49 Magazine slot. Price : $79,635

The Location : The Assassins

> Pacifying Pitchfork (Sniper Rifle)

This weapon has a slag elemental effect. Applying the effect on monsters or enemies will make you dealing a double damage. Pitchfork sacrifices damage and mag-size to gain the ability to burst fire while zoomed.

It has 690 Damage, 97.2 Accuracy, 6.7 Fire rate, 3.1 for Reload, has 18 Magazine slot. Price : $95,947

The Location : Terramorphous Peak, You. Will. Die. (Seriously)

The Fourth Borderlands 2 Weapons : Legendary — Tediore

> Super Gunderang (Pistol)

Super Gunerang is a Tediore pistol, use all the ammo and throw it on your enemies for a great blast. You can save up some ammo in the weapon for a bigger blast. It has a high damage and accuracy, but has lower fire rate.

It has 557 Damage, 90.1 Accuracy, 4.8 Fire rate, 0.9 for Reload, has 27 Magazine slot. Price : $50,010

The Location : Rakk cave, Rakk Man

> Stocking Bunny (Rocket Launcher)

Stocking Bunny, being a rocket launcher, has rounds of ammo that explode on impact.

It has 7049 Damage, 75.3 Accuracy, 1.0 Fire rate, 1.7 for Reload, has 3 Magazine slot. Price : $136,147

The Location : Chubby Enemies

The Fifth Borderlands 2 Weapons : Legendary — Hyperion

> Practical Conference Call (Shotgun)

This weapon has a slog elemental effect. Having great accuracy, and it can be used effectively at a long range.

It has 246 x 7 Damage, 70.4 Accuracy, 4.3 Fire rate, 2.7 for Reload, has 10 Magazine slot. Price : $86,430

The Location : unknown

> Rightsizing Bitch (SMG)