For who doesnt know about the Borderlands 2 Golden Key, Golden key is a special key to open the treasure in the Santuary. Its contains 2 legendary weapon (marked in purple and pink) that will be matched to your character level. There are three legal ways to get the golden key, Pre-ordering Borderlands 2, Signing up for Gearbox’s Shift service, Entering a Shift code, periodically distributed by Gearbox employees on Twitter. Is there any way to get the Borderlands 2 Golden Key? Yes, but you must at least has one Borderlands 2 Golden Key before do this things.

How to get free Borderlands 2 Golden Key? Here is the way, Start up your Borderlands 2 game, go to extras menu, click the “shift” item, sign up with agreeing the terms, entering your desired email and password, then proceed, back to the main menu, then go back again to the shift area, go to “my offer” section and there you should have a message waiting informing you that a complimentary Borderlands 2 Golden Key is available to you now for signing up. Use this free Borderlands 2 Golden Key to do the trick.

There are a glitch to make an infinite Borderlands 2 Golden key. This glitch requires two controllers, two accounts, a USB flash drive, and Golden Key. First, copy the saved game file for the primary profile on which you would like to use a Golden Key but not lose it to the USB flash drive. Saved the game in Sanctuary so you are near the Golden chest when you load the game.

The second profile is only going to hold the items, and remember, you must have their save game file and profile on a different storage device, but make sure it is not stored on the flash drive where the primary profile is stored for player one.

Next, start the game, and choose to load from the flash drive where first profile was saved and copied. Then, have the second account to join using a separate profile stored on a different storage device, make sure the first account is the host. Once both players are in Sanctuary, remove the flash drive that the first account saved game was loaded from.

There will be a notification that the game progress will not be saved unless you choose a new storage device. Do not choose a new storage device option,  choose to continue. Then, have the first account to open the Golden Loot chest. The chest will contain two rare purple weapons, one rare purple rocket launcher, two rare purple shields, or two rare purple mods. Have the second account grab the loot, and then the second account will choose the “Save and Leave Game” option. Once the second account has left the game, the first account will now quit the game without saving by signing out of your profile, going to the dashboard, or resetting the system till you logging out. When the first account profile is loaded again, a Borderlands 2 Golden Key will not have been used. Load both accounts, have the second account to give the first account all the loot, and save. Repeat this as many times as you want.