Now i will tell you a story, not the story in the real meaning, hahaha, the Borderlands 2 Characters. As you know, borderlands 2 is the RPG comical shooting multiplayer game. Every character has a different Skill tree, Gun stat and many more. Borderlands 2 will be now has more RPG feel than before, like talking to the strangers in towns, just walk around. And out there, outside the city you may find brand new enemies. Pandora now isn’t gonna be just a wasteland. Arctic Tundras, very lush green grassland. Cool!

The Borderlands 2 Characters are all-new, remember Lilith, Brick, Mordecai and Roland? the playable characters from the original game still appear in Borderlands 2 Characters, but as non-playable characters and just show up for story reasons.

Now we look the first new in the Borderlands 2 Characters, we have Salvador the Gunzerker. The Gunzerker is unique, he can simultaneously fire two different weapons like rocket launcher and shotgun or sub machine gun and sniper riffle. By activating his skills he can put one weapon in each hand for a limited time. He has primary skills called Gunzerking for draw a second gun and go nuts. After that there is 3 branch of skill tree, Gunlust, Rampage, and Brawn.

The second is Zer0 represents the Assassin class in Borderlands 2. The assassin class is particularly skilled at obliterating enemies. Assassin speciality is to do high burst damage on single targets rather than the area damage. As the assassin, he can possible to gain huge critical hits impact by awarding points to your specific skills. Zer0 primary action skill is drop into stealth and send out a holographic of himself as a decoy so he can score some critical hits and yeah he became invulnerable when stealthing, but when grenades explode in front of you or some splash weapon, you get some damage too. Zero main ability is Deception, and the branch of it is sniping, cunning, and bloodshed.

The third character is Maya, the Siren class of borderlands 2. In the original game, Siren class was gripped by Lilith with her awesome phasewalking skill. But Maya doenst have the same skill, she has Phaselocking enemies. By using phaselocking, she can suspends enemy movement in mid air, knocking them out of a fight. Depending on how you invest in her skill trees, shooting a Phaselocked enemy can give health back or increase critical hit bonuses. Maya has skill builds that make her more effective at crowd control and healing, but can also do a significant amount of direct damage if specced correctly. The main ability for maya is the Phaselocking, and the branch is motion, harmony and cataclysm.

The fourth characters is Axton the Commando class. Same like the original Borderlands, the Commando can put a turret to the ground. The turet itself serves a wide variety of functions including direct damage of course. The visual appearance will change depending on the types of upgrades made through the skill tree. The main ability for Axton is Sabre turret, the branch is guerrilla, gunpowder, and survival.

That are some explanation about the Borderlands 2 Characters. Hope you gain some info according to choose the best Borderlands 2 Characters to play with. 

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