This time for tips and tricks I will give you a special bonus, in addition will present tips and tricks for two games at the same time, Borderlands 2 and Torchlight 2 , I also will include video tutorials to further clarify what should you do to enable the following tips & tricks. As the title suggests, the two games I will discuss this time is Torchlight II and Borderlands 2. For my Torchlight II will present a trick to multiply any item. It also means you can get a lot of money in a short time by selling these items. Meanwhile, for Borderlands 2 I will give trick that can be used to multiply the Golden Keys. For those who do not know, the Golden Keys is the key that can be used to open a special crate in the city Sanctuary. The crate contains a wide range of weapons and equipment scarce, its level will adjust your level. This means that the higher your level, the better the weapons that will be obtained. of course, you can also sell weapons obtained from a special crate to get money without limit. Ok we just started with tips & tricks for the first game, Borderlands 2.

First step

Go to the folder D: games Borderlands 2 DLC POPremierClub Lic of Borderlands 2 and open the file using notepad WillowDLC.ini. For the record, I put Borderlands 2 in D: games, if you put Borderlands 2 in another folder then replace it with the appropriate folder.

Second step

change the value of the + NumKeys by the number you want. This will increase the number of golden keys corresponding to the value you entered. I’ve drawn on the golden keys to add my number by 75. One thing to note, this amount is reset. This means you have to keep adding if you want to get a new golden keys. So in the above figure, if I want to get 25 new golden keys, then I have to change the + NumKeys value to 100.

Third step

Next just save the WillowDLC.ini, start playing as usual and you will automatically receive an additional message about the golden keys. You can repeat step 2 over and over again if you run out golden keys. Or if need be, just get the 1000 golden keys at once.

Here the video

After Borderlands 2, now is the time to discuss tips and tricks for Torchlight II. Tips this time utilizing the shared stash to duplicate items in it. Ok, we just start with step 1

First step

For the first step you have to fill in your shared stash in advance with the items you want duplicated. My advice, if you want to earn a lot of money, multiple the golden fish, or buy most expensive pot HP / MP by 99, and double it.

Second step

After filling the shared stash with a duplicated item you must first leave Torchlight II (no need to close the game, just get out to the main menu) and go to the folder documents My Games Runic Games Torchlight 2 save 90071992547409920 (on my PC this folder is C: Users Shin Documents My Games Runic Games Torchlight 2 save 90071992547409920). The thing to remember is, the last folder name is not always the same for each user. So do not worry if your folder names different from those listed above.

Third step

look for a file named sharedstash.bin. Copy this file and paste it in the same place. Sharedstash.bin will be found at the My Document folder, and then go to documents, and then find runic games folder and there he is. Now you just go back into Torchlight II and just empty the contents of your shared stash.

Fourth step

Next is an important step. Now you must go back to the main menu of Torchlight II, and return to the save folder as in step 2. Here you have to delete the file sharedstash.bin and then rename the file sharedstash you paste in step 3 with the name sharedstash.bin

Ok now your back should be shared stash will be filled with items like before you empty. Staying come up to Torchlight II, clear back your shared stash, and repeat from step 2 until you satisfied

Here is the video

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