Watching a girl barely clothed traveling around some dungeon and fighting enemies? Get your clothes on, chick! Lol

Console : PS3, Xbox 360

The title is quite shocking considering that this is an action game not some hentai game, but it’s true. Blades of Time main character, Ayumi, is barely clothed. However, she’s a though chick to travel around dragonland (what a simple name is it?).

Blades of Time

After their first project, X-Blades released, Gaijin Entertainment finally released their second project: Blades of Time. The Russian studio strong will to create a quality game is worth of credit, even the result still isn’t as good as the other. The first X-Blade turns only to be a mediocre game, and now Gaijin put their hope for their newest Blades of Time. There is a change in the publishing company. The publishing company is taken over byKonami, from the previous Southpeak. Surprisingly, Konami refused to seriously promoting the game. Tragic, seeing the game released date announced only a week before launch, and even the game missed the date in almost area for roughly 3 days.

Speaking of the Blades of Time gameplay, somehow it’s a bit crappy. Blades of time, if compared to recent skyrim, or diablo III, or else, is no match at all. The combat system of Blades of Time is hack n’ slash, which have Ayumi dodging, blocking, and attacking all the time. Only by hammering the left mouse button, we can see Ayumi rumbling, attacking the enemy merciless. As the storyline proceed, Ayumi will learn some magic for her to use. Right clicking the mouse will change the weapon into projectile. Starts from Rifle, it can be upgraded to machine gun. Somehow, Ayumi is terrible at defending. The blocking and defending is less efficient, while Ayumi has no defensive protection against ranged-attack, which ‘luckily’ common. You can see some average monster worn Ayumi into half heart-bar, ‘only’ some average monster.
The A.I. is pathetic. You can see monsters harmlessly attempt to trudge through walls to reach you, when you simply shooting at them until dead.

The special feature of the game is the feature to rewind time, which is lack of describing throughout the game. You can see Ayumi rewind the time and in several quest, it’s needed to pass some level. Again, the quest is quite pathetic, some of mini puzzle often repeated more and more, giving a boring puzzle to solve.

The overall graphic of the Blades of Time however is quite simple, with some good design here and there. The voice acting is universally dreadful, and somehow the characters responsible for the most exposition have a distorting voice.

Somehow, the Blades of Time can also give the thrill that needed by gamers. Even this game has its huge fans, yeah. Maybe some gamers found what they search inside this game, who knows. It’s basically according to their own taste.

Despite the critic about the lacking of quality, we must give the credit to Gaijin Entertainment to seriously creating Blades of Time. Although Blades of Time is not a very good game, it still worth to try. Gaijin prove that they’re serious this time. The hack n’ slash feature is quite thrilling to enjoy in the weekend.

In the end, Blades of Time is still a game worth to try. Maybe i’m giving a bad review, but hell, that’s only my opinion. If you think the game is good, than maybe you have find the exciting part of Blades of Time, who knows?