For you the WoW player who struggle with the Blacksmithing, i will make some guide to you. This WoW Blacksmithing guide will help you to level up your Blacksmithing skill from 1 to 600. For this part 1 of my guide, i will show you from level 1 till 300.

For this leveling guide, you will need plenty of materials guys, so i would suggest you who has low money to farm a lot to reach the top of Blacksmithing skill. For the materials you will need 133 piece of Rough stone, 80 piece of Coarse stone, 150 piece of Heavy stone, 20 piece of Solid stone, 20 piece of Dense stone, 210 piece of Copper bar, 7 piece of Silver bar, 150 piece of Bronze bar, 230 piece of Iron bar, 50 piece of Steel bar, 320 piece of Mithril bar, 420 piece of Thorium bar, 152 piece of Fel iron bar, 85 piece of Adamantite bar, 320 piece of Cobalt bar, 240 piece of Saronite bar, 10 piece of Titanium bar, 166 piece of Obsidium bar, 84 piece of Elementium bar, 267 piece of Ghost iron bar, 150 piece of Mageweave cloth, 10 piece of Netherweave cloth, 80 piece of Rugged leather or 10 piece of Star ruby, 4 piece of volatile water, 8 piece of volatile fire, 60 piece of volatile earth, 1 piece of Spirit of harmony. The amount for each material is just an approximately.

Now lets began the guide. For level 1 to level 75, you will visit any trainer in the main cities of old Azeroth. Ask the guard and choose to learn Apprentice Blacksmithing. At level 1-30, you will do with Rough Sharpening Stone 33 times with 33 piece of Rough stone. After you reach the level 30, you now will do with the Rough Grinning Stone 50 times with 100 piece of Rough stone, keep these. After you reach level 65, now you will craft the Copper Chain Belt 10 times with 60 copper bar, now you will be at level 75. After you get level 75, learn Blacksmithing Journeyman skill, now use Coarse Grinding Stone 40 times with 80 Coarse stone, after this you will craft Runed Cooper belt 10 times with 100 cooper bar. You should reach level 100 now.

Now you will craft Silver Skeleton Key 7 times with 7 silver bar and 14 rough grinding stone, and then you will craft another runed cooper belt 5 times wiith 50 cooper bar. Now you will make Rough Bronze Shoulders 15 times with 75 bronze bar and 15 grinding coarse stone. Now you will reach level 125. After you reach level 125, you will learn Blacksmithing expert and you will craft Heavy grinding stone 35 times with 105 Heavy stone. Now make Rough bronze shoulders 5 times with 25 bronze bar and 5 coarse grinding stone. Craft patterned bronze bracers 10 times with 50 bronze bar and 20 coarse grinding stone. Make green iron leggings 10 times with 80 iron bar, 10 heavy grinding stone, and 10 green dye. Make green iron bracers 25 times with 150 iron bar and 25 green dye. Now make golden scale bracers 10 times with 50 steel bar and 20 heavy grinding stone, now you will reach level 200.

Now you will learn Blacksmithing Artisan skill and start craft solid sharpening stone 20 times with 20 solid stone. After that you craft heavy mithril gauntlet 15 times with 90 mithril bar and 60 mageweave cloth. Make mithril scale bracers 10 times with 80 mithril bar. Make mithril coif 15 times with 150 mithril bar and 90 mageweave cloth. Make dense sharpening stones 20 times with 20 dense stone. Make thorium bracers 15 times with 120 thorium bar. Make imperial plate bracers 15 times with 180 thorium bar. Make Thorium helm 10 times with 120 thorium bar and 1 star ruby or you can make thorium boots 10 times with 120 thorium bar and 80 rugged leather, choose one of them and you will now at level 300.

Hope you enjoy my first part of Blacksmithing guide. I will post the rest level 300 – 600 later guys. so stay tune on

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