The Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 villain trailer is now online, and it is as amazing as ever featuring the future warfare. And with David S Goyer – the co-writer of The Dark Knight Rises – is the who who wrote the call of duty Black Ops 2 story script,  in this particular call of duty series it looks like its going to  combine a grounded, intelligent look at modern warfare with plenty of hover planes and great explosions.

I know that it has been some time since we seen anything new from Treyarch’s newest upcoming series of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, but the Villain Trailer is released and it is revealing a bit more light on the story, we have only heard the name of the villain, and his plans to destroy America.  Raul Menendez  the mastermind behind the hijacked drone attack on the future Los Angeles that we saw in the Black Ops 2 Villain Trailer, but this time  we have the oppurtinity to see his face

Black Ops 2 Villain Trailer Featuring the mysterious villain “Raul Menendez”

Director of communications John Rafacz revealed some clues about what Menendez is rebelling against.

Rafacz said, “When you take a character like Menendez who is collateral damage of the first Cold War – you’ll learn more about what that means – you will see more about who he is and what he means to 2025.”

So basically , this suggests that Menendez was a victim of the first Cold War, or maybe he was a patsy or a scapegoat. Or worse, he may even disavowed? There is more evidence that sheds light on this further in the trailer.

The new release of the Call Of Duty Black Ops Series will feature two storylines, one set in 1980 and the other one is set in 2025. The 1980 plot follows Alex Mason, as we know that Alex is one of the character from the previous game, fighting in the proxy battles of the Cold War for the US. A rising power, hacker Raul Menendez, also appears sporadically. The other period of time, the 2025 story features Alex Mason’s son David Mason being in the middle of a new cold war between  America and China. The war is about a conflict that’s being caused and controlled by an older, more dangerous Villain, Raul Menendez, we can also get a glimpse of this new villain in the new Black Ops 2 Villain Trailer.

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 features a plenty of cyberwarfare, unmanned vehicles and futuristic robots, and this is what made us so excited about the latest Call of Duty effort from Treyarch – Moreover it is also confirmed that the Zombies mode will be available in this new series, but this time its coming back with its own single player campaign.

Treyarch is also confirmed that players will be taken back to the 1980’s through a series of flashbacks from Frank Woods – he is a member of the S.O.G. unit in the original Black Ops.

And from the story that you will see in the flashbacks, you will witness the story of this mysterious new villain Menendez before he became the villain  in 2025, and what story that driven him to become such evil mastermind.

So check this Black Ops 2 Villain Trailer to find out more about it.