Attention! Call of Duty will reveal it’s newest version of the game! For you who are still playing MW3, prepare for a new challenge!

On November 8, 2011 Activition Blizzard CEO announced that a new CoD game was in development. However, its still unknown what the title will be, but the speculation that spread says that it will be Black Ops 2!  It’s actually quite fast considering that MW 3 is just released around 5 months ago. But it isn’t obvious, seeing the limited gameplay of MW3 (although it has a lot of expansion ) What i want to spilled here is, what has been leaked about this new rumoured Black Ops 2. The trailer release date, even some mysterious image. Scroll down for the excitement

Black Ops 2

Quick Description
If the rumor was true, Black Ops 2 will be the third after World Ward and Black Ops,and  the ninth of Call of Duty series which first started on October 2003.

Black Ops 2, source of the rumor
The rumor that the 9th installment of Call of Duty will be Black Ops 2 first appeard on Amazon France in February 2012.  The product Call of Duty : Black Ops 2 surfaced on Amazon France, and was quickly taken down. Around the same time, Hugo Beyer, a computer game artist, listed Black Ops 2 as his current project. Some recently released image that inform the teaser relase date also have the style of Black Ops. So, it is really Black Ops 2?

Teaser Image
There’s a leak of Black Ops teaser image, by special effect company Reel EFX that swon the Quadrotor device ‘in-game’. This also suggestts that Black Ops 2 will adopt a near-future setting. FYI, Quadrotor is a futuristic attack drone. The image itself is quickly pulled by the site.

Credit to Rell EFX

Mysterious Image
Along the published revelation date poster, a mysterious image also appear. Here’s the image:

When i browse about the image around the web, i figured that there’s a hidden picture in the image, and can be seen by some picture editing application. So here am I, photoshoping the image:

I’m a photoshop noob actually but the mysterious image revealed a bit right? For me, it looks like a Quadrotor, or some machine, or anything cool of course. Anyone now what is it? Or anyone able to reveal a better image? Comment down here

April 23 2012, reveal a poster that stated the game will be officially revealed on May 1 2012 at Bastketball Playoffs on TNT. The countdown has started in CoD website and wiki, so we better get prepared for the revelation

Release Date
The release date itself is still mysterious, but expected will be on  the end of 2012. But first lets wait for the game official teaser

Although the development already confirmed, the information about this Black Ops 2 is still lacking. The leak here and there hasn’t give that much information about the overall of the gameplay. For now, let’s wait for May 1st for the official World Reveal of the new Call of Duty series, Black Ops 2.