Who doesn’t know the Half Life games, the science fiction first-person shooter video game developed by Valve Corporation. Half Life has some expansion and one of them is Black Mesa: Source. Black Mesa: Source is a Third-Party total conversion modification which developed by Black Mesa Modification Team for Valve Corporation’s Source engine.

Black Mesa

For who doesnt know what Black Mesa really is, here the explaination from me, Black Mesa is originaly the research facility which is some place in the Half Life game it self, the Black Mesa is an American research corporation named Black Mesa Research Facility in New Mexico desert. In the game it self, Black Mesa is the place to undertakes research in various fields from standart scientific research to something explosive, robot, and many more. Hmm, guys, do you ever play game named Portal? Yup if you noticed something in the GLaDOS song tittled “Still Alive” you can hear Black Mesa in the song it self. So do you think it has some relationship maybe?

For all the gamers who really wait for this mod game of Half Life, there you are, the Black Mesa now has a release date. After eight years of development, the Fan remake of Half Life will be out of the development and released on september 14 and the development team claim that Black Mesa is under Beta testing section with a group of privately appointed tester. But for the Half Life lovers, you had to prepare your hard disk estimately for 7 – 9 GBs for uncompressed game and 3 GBs for the compressed game and of course you must had a steam license to download this Black Mesa later.

Now to the pre-release review from me, personally me as the fans of first-person shooter games who developed by Valve like Counter-Strike, Source, Half-Life, this Black Mesa has all the expectation from the way they look, the graphic, the villains, the sound. Especially for the graphic section, i would say it have similiar look with the Counter Strike : Source graphics, it has many particle, nice and smooth 3D characters, lighting, movement is almost has the same feel, maybe it because these two games developed under the Source engine.

Now let see from the trailers of Black Mesa gameplay from many sites, the gameplay is great enough, it has something sensation like the adrenalin rush when you got shot from nowhere and it boom to your screen with the red mark, thats great. Also the monsters in Black Mesa is awesome too, the shoot effect, or magic attack from the monsters, the fire effect from the burned object, thats cool too.

Thats my personal short review from the screenshot and the trailers of Black Mesa : Source. Lets we all the FPS lovers especially the Half Life Fans, celebrate the release of our beloved Black Mesa, lets hope the game didnt make us down since the development has been running for these past 8 years. Thats for now, see you next time gamers.