Now i will guide you to the Chapter 5 of Black Mesa called We’ve Got Hostiles. Here they are.

Move down to the hall and you will watch a scientist run through the laser. Becareful for these Blue lasers, it will explode when contact with anything. Crouch under the door and head towards to the red lasers. Destroy the turret without touching the lasers. or you can grab it fast and use it as a gun. Red lasers will activate the turrets when contact.

Kill the enemies in the next room and walk to the back. Jump over the next blue laser, or disable it by throwing an object at it. watchout of the explosion. Crouch under the next laser.Kill the enemies in the cafeteria and move down the stairs. Destroy the turrets by shooting the explosive barrels. Kill the next enemies.

Destroy the turrets in the back of the room and head through the next room there will be a set of red lasers. Destroy the turrets and the lasers will turn off. Move to the door its the storage area. Becareful to the catwalk at the back of the room. Head up with the stairs and chase the mysterious figure. The soldiers are here to kill you. Kill the soldiers.

Use the lift to the next floor. Kill all of the soldiers in the room. And for you who have wondering, why soldier attacking us, the soldier was sent to kill all the scientist left. Now move into the next area, kill the barnacles on the roof. Move across the bridge without falling or getting caught by barnacles. There will be a turret in the next hall, Avoid the explosive and turret lasers. There will be a scientists will rush into the next room and be killed by the soldier. Follow the scientists and kill the soldiers. Continue upwards until you reach the control room.

Walk across the bridge into the next room full of hostiles. Reach the floor and use the lift near the fire doors. You will be at the surface now. Kill the soldiers and becareful, there is a helicopter with a rocket, avoid it. Do not try to defeat every soldier. Instead, wait for the firing to slow down and make a break for it.

Exit the building and sprint towards the bunker in the middle. Make sure you run as the helicopter is out of sight. Climb down the ladder. After the shaft collapses, kill the soldiers hanging on the ropes and jump, you will reach the bottom. Climb into the vents. Drop down into the hallway and kill the headcrabs. Move up the stairs into the small workshop. Climb on the table to reach the vent. Move into the security room and there will be a scientist will talk to you. Pick up the shotgun near the controls and listen to the scientist talk about the rail system. Exit the area through the silo doors.

There are the walkthrough for Chapter five We’ve Got Hostiles. If you find it hard to follow my writing, lets take a look the video below