Hello again gamers, im here today to show you the walkthrough to Black Mesa chapter ten : Residue Processing. Lets take a look.

You will awake with the soldiers, and your weapons, completely gone. Don’t take too much time to look around, because you are in a trash compactor. Use the boxes to escape before you are crushed. Enter the office on the other side of the compactor and grab your crowbar. Throw the switch to drop the boxes through the floor. Drop down to the floor and fall through the tunnel.

Travel across the canyon until you reach a building. Climb the yellow tower and jump into the water. Use the valves to drain the water and open a tunnel. Travel through the empty tunnel until you reach a radiated room. Follow the security guard until he is killed by a aliens. Head into the maintenance room and turn the valve.

Move into waste treatment to where the radiation is. Move up the ladder and use the catwalk. Use the pipes to access a broken vent. Break the door to the vent and drop down to the ladder marked with a confined space sign. Walk down the hallway until you reach the room with pistons. The catwalk will be broken. Climb onto a piston and use it to jump to the next one. Avoid the radiation by using the catwalks, pistons, and pipes. Continue until a pipe bursts and the catwalk breaks. Walk until you reach the next waste treatment room. Walk across the pipes and platforms and jump onto the spinning device. Use it to jump to the door marked with a 3.

Find the room with conveyer belts and drop down. Take one of the belts and drop down to the catwalk below. Jump into the dirty water and follow the current. Avoid being killed by the water treatment, and climb up the ladder to the walkway. Jump in the water again on the other side and swim down. Swim to the next room.

Keep following the current while avoiding dangerous water treatment devices. There will be many rooms with health and ammo along the way, so feel free to explore. Exit the water in the room with a control room and stopped conveyer belts. Throw the power switch in the control room and start the conveyer belts. Take the stairs to the right of the belts and throw the second power switch in the other office. Turn it off. The grinder will now be disabled. Follow the conveyer belt.

Use the switch to open the door on the conveyer belt. Please disregard any signs telling you to stay off of the belt. It should be perfectly safe. Adjust your speed on the belt to avoid the many dangerous traps and pistons. You should reach a big room. Drop down to the next belt and continue forward. Follow the third conveyer belt down to a red door.

Go through the door into a room with a control panel. Use the lever to move a hanging piece of belt to the middle of the room. Use it as a bridge and clear the gap. Follow the next belt towards hazardous fire. Time your movements and escape the fire. In the next room full of belts, drop down and ride the conveyer belts once more. Avoid any hazards such as mines and grinders.

Once you pass final set of grinders and belts, drop down. Be careful not to fall into the grinder on the floor. Walk into the high-radiation room and climb up the ladder. Continue into a room with an electric fence. Instead of trying to find a way to the switch, just shoot the power switch through the fence. It will turn off. Open the door to the electric fence and follow the hallway. Turn left before the lab sign and enter the next area.

Thats it for this chapter 10 Residue Processing, if you find it hard to follow my instruction, here is the video.