After the Residue Processing chapter, we will go to chapter eleven : Questionable Ethics. Here they are.

Head into the control room to the left of the door and activate the fire control to burn the creature. Crouch under the metal blast door. Move down the hall passed the target practice and into the next room. On the left there will be a small room with a dead security guard in it. You can pick up a crossbow here. Move up the stairs to the control room on the right.

Activate the door release on the control panel. The closed door next to the crossbow-room will open. A aliens will come out. Press the button to the right of the console to fire. The weapon will begin to charge up and eventually fire at the aliens. If you pay attention closely, the mysterious figure with the suitcase will be visible in the window directly ahead of you. Move back down to ground level.

Continue forward and crouch under another blast door. Walk into the male restroom. Walk until you find a security guard. Listen to him and recruit him. Move down the hall into the lobby. Kill the soldiers in the lobby. Turn and head towards the door labeled as Lab B. Continue forward into the next area. Walk across the catwalk until you reach another control room. Activate the emergency Tesla discharge. Wait for it to go off and head to ground level. Move out through the door and kill the soldiers in the hallway. Move up through the hall until you find a room with another Tesla discharge button. Activate it and wait for it to go off. Head back and through the nearest door to your left. Follow the hall straight ahead and passed the room where the charge went off. There will be a room marked with a biohazard sign with scientists and a surgical unit inside. The guard will stay back and watch the scientists. Go towards the staircase marked with Lab D. Move up and turn right towards the aliens.

Kill the soldiers and aliens. Enter the room with red lasers inside of a red pipe. Press the button on the console to fire. In the split in the hallway, go left away from the lasers. Don’t go too far, as a weapon will fire. You will hear it overcharge and explode. Follow the sound of the explosion and find the dead scientist and guard. Pick up the prototype gun. Find the room marked with Aux 03 and press the fire button on the console. Follow the blue laser passed Aux 04 and head into the Primary room.

Unplug the shield in the back of the room. Head over to the console and test fire the laser. The laser will burn a hole through the wall. Use it to jump down to the next area. Use the door to reach the scientists that you saw before. Open the door to the surgical unit. Dodge the blades. Upon contact, they will cause instant death. Press the power button to the right of the machine.

Once the machine is powered off, lead the scientists to the security guard. Follow the scientists to the lobby. They will stop in paranoia. Wait for the scientist to open the containment lockdown door. Go into the lobby and prepare for a heavy firefight with soldiers. Once you neutralize all of the enemies, the scientist will open the containment lockdown door again. Follow them into the lobby.

After talking to the scientists again, they will open a door to the surface. The scientist will be gunned down. Kill any soldiers and sentries in the parking lot. Head down the road to the right of the lobby into the tunnel. Fight your way through the tunnel. Walk to the end of the road and press the blue button on the wall.

Thats it for this chapter 11 Questionable Ethics, if you find it hard to follow my instruction, here is the video.