For the next chapter is Chapter seven : Power Up. In this chapter you will find such a radiated room, you must evade the electricity hazard, another houndeyes, a big creature that you need to evade, and in this chapter, you will attacked by a bunch of soldier. For the clear version, lets we see the Black Mesa Source Walkthrough – Power Up below.

Sprint across the room ahead while avoiding soldiers and the alien. Walk around until you reach more enemies. Kill them, and continue into the doors ahead. Talk to the injured security guard. You’ll need to get the power on, but there are giant alien ready to kill you. Head back out and move down the ladder. Keep moving until you reach a radiated room.

Move up the ladder to the left and go to the third level. Open the door and destroy the turret to the left.There will be hostiles to the right. Kill them and continue down the hallway. Neutralize the next group of soldiers and go up the stairs directly ahead of you.Kill the soldiers to the left of the doorway. Jump down the stairs to the third layer and be ready to kill the alien. Head down to the bottom layer which will be flooded. Activate the red generator and head back up to the second layer. Throw the switch for Unit 1 in power control. Head back upstairs while avoiding electricity hazards.

Kill the hostiles on the lift on layer 3. Use the lift to go up, and prepare to kill more soldiers. Open the door marked 3 and head back down in the radiated room to the first level. Keep moving forward and head up the ladder to where the injured security guard talked to you in the beginning of the chapter.Activate the button to the security door. You’ll need to get the train started. Exit the room and go to the tracks. A giant alien will be waiting there. He’ll immediately attack you when he sees you. Don’t try to fight him. Sprint along the left set of tracks. Near the ladder, move the plug into the outlet. There will be one more plug that needs to be moved on the other side of the ladder. Once they are both in, move up. At the top of the ladder there will be a button. Activate it and kill the alien with a static discharge. The alien will burn up, and you can move back down to the tracks.Follow the tracks back and get into a train. Drive the train down the tracks to the right, and exit to the left where there is a security guard. Talk to the security guard. Once you’re done, drive the train straight forward.

Thats all for you the Black Mesa Source Walkthrough for chapter seven Power Up. If you find it hard to understand the written instruction, here is im gonna show you the video so you can find your self into the end of the chapter and go to the next chapter. Watch the video below