Hey everyone welcome back, Jonathan out here, this is chapter four of Black Mesa tittled Office Complex, this chapter is started after go out from the lift and landed on the office, and yes it still mess. And yeah its named like the actual situation i think, Office Complex. We started with some explosion of the electricity. Kinda creepy, from where the explosion, duck and go inside the air hole, follow the path, and you will end inside the office again, you will find a scientist there, not important tought, turn off the electricity so you can pass the way.

Now go straight to the hallway, break some glass, sop you can enter the room, you will find the red door at the end of hallway, you will find a security there and he will let you came in, there you will get a new gun. And after thet go out, like your new gun, there are new aliens too, go down with the stairs, and you will find the door opened by the security. Go in the office again, go to the room with some electric in the floors, you should jump between the things in there, reach the air hole again. Once you get out of the air hole, there will be a aliens pop out from the other hole, kill them and go up.

Once you go out, watchout the turrets at the right, shot it, and go down. Find the traktor there, press the green button and quickly jump to the traktor to get up. There is a medical box there, and you will meet another security there. Go inside and you will hear a woman screaming and yeah she is destroyed by an alien, its just a scene.  Find a stairs again, go up and you end up at the office again, you will find two scientist in some room there. So you now has 2 followers, one security guard, and one woman scientist, the other one saying to you that he dont want to follow around.

Find the stairs early, go up again, and enter the previous air hole, now you will find the lift way, go back, and you will find another room wih a switch, turn the switch, and the windows would be opened. Go down again, find a way to the basemen, you will find another security guard again, go to the small air hole, turn the fan off with the switch, jump over to the fan side, go up with the stairsm you will end up in the pipes, you must jump and dont go to fall, came down and you will find a way to another medic box there. Find a way to the freezer section guys, and the music start changing. More creepy music baby. You will find the air hole again to get out from this freezer. In the next room, you will found a fire burning, just duck it and again go into the air hole again. Go down and you will find one security guard, one dead security guard, one scientist.

After that, you go straight and you will find another security guard, total four people following you., go enter the rooms, and there will be bunch of aliens there. Eliminate them and take the stairs up, once you get the top, and you must jump to another stairs front of you. Go inside the lift, and you got the loading, when the doors open, you have finished the fourth chapters Office Complex.

Hope you enjoyed this Office Complex walkthrough. See you next time guys