Alright guys, now you are at the last chapter of Black Mesa, Chapter 14 : Lambda Core. This last chapter is pretty intense so enjoy your last chapter walkthrough

Let the lift descend. Head into the blue hallway. You will find a room with tons of cover, open space, and health. If you didn’t guess it already, you will be attacked. Kill all the enemies and head up the ladder. You will be met by a scientist. He will let you inside and inform you that this is the last entrance to the Lambda complex. He will open the next secure door. Head up the stairs and to the left. Find the weapon research scientist.

Acquire the new weapon from the scientist. Feel free to test the gun out in the shooting range. Exit the room and head towards the elevator. Take the elevator down to the Lambda complex. Head towards the red hallway. Follow the red and yellow hallways and bypass the debris on the way. Open the door at the end of the hall and enter the coolant tank 2 room. Kill all enemies in area. Head to the bottom of the tank and press the green button underwater.

Quickly jump on top of the ledge before it moves upward. Enter the door, pass the blood-stained wall, and turn right. Continue and head back down to the tank. Press another green button on the wall. Move up to pump station 2. At the back of the room, throw the power switch. Move up the catwalks and go through the fire door. Continue into the nuclear fuel rod storage room. Use the ladder next to the sign. Dive into the water and press another green button on the wall. You should be done in this area. Climb up and head back into the yellow hall where you entered. Head back to the main room and walk towards the blue hall leading to the coolant tank 1. Jump into the water in front of the emergency drain cap. Press the next button and call the lift down. Board the elevator and head back up to the top. You should now be able to throw the emergency drain cap switch. Turn it on and head back to the coolant tank.

Once the coolant tanks and pumps are all activated, head back to the main room. Find a split hallway leading to either the maintenance station or the aux tank reactor access. Head left towards the aux tank. When you enter the aux tank room, kill all of the enemies. Descend from the ladder into the tank. Press the final button and wait for the gate to open. Swim through the water tunnel towards the radiation hazard sign.

Swim upwards towards the fan to get some air. Swim through the next water tunnel. Climb the ladders and ascend upwards. You will soon reach a control room with a power switch. Throw the switch to the reactor and wait for the lasers. Avoid the lasers from the reactor and continue upwards. Find the burned hole in the wall caused by a laser. Jump through and head down the green hallway.

Climb the ladder up the elevator shaft and into the emergency exit. Enter the next hallway and find the security office. Recruit the guard if you want to. Walk down the hallway and kill the hostiles. Continue and turn right at the B-201 door. Find the room with the balls of energy. The orange one will teleport you into the reactor. Time it so you end up on the platform. Use the teleportation at the center to ascend upwards. Continue teleporting onto the above platforms. This may take some practice. If you teleport at the wrong time, you will end up somewhere else and will have to start at the beginning. I recommend quick-saving before each teleportation.

When you reach the top, press the disengage button on the console. A door will open on the device and there will be another place to teleport. Time your jumps to reach the center. Teleport one more time. Leave the green-lit room and find the red hallway. Climb the ladder from level B and follow the signs to the hazardous materials handling bays. Crouch under the metal door and destroy the turrets. Talk to the scientists in the next room. Listen to the scientist and guard talk about the creature you have to kill. Another