Ok now for the second chapters on this game, Anomalous Materials. We will now start the story at Anomalous Materials chapter guys. there is no serious threat in this Anomalous Materials chapter. but expect something good in the end of Anomalous Materials chapters guys. After you get off from the train, you will go in to the room fill with researchers because its the Black Mesa Research Facility. The guy in front desk will tells you that something wrong, its little creepy because all of them look very serious. Hahaha:D.

Now go straight and you will find another operation like room, go inside just to wandering, go out and go straight again till you found another room, go inside and wandering away again, why? Because you have to feel the sensation dude. The graphic was awesome.

Now go to the lower ground and there will be a room pantry like, go near to the microwave, press E or use button, yeah you got an achievement unlocked “Convection Refinement”. Its always fun to do that even in the real world right? Hahaha. And go to the vending machine in the left side from the microwave, press use button again and it will brought out the drink can, press again and again, in fifth press, you will get another Achievement, Progress “caffeine extraction 5/20” done annoy your friends. Go out and go to the toilet and trolling again dude. You can throw a pile of a tissue to a guy inside the toilet and you got again the Achievement Unlocked “Brownian Motion”. :p

Go to outside, and you will find 3 panel and press the green light. It will open the middle tube and go get the suit, and you got your health bar there. Go to the locker labeled your name “Freeman” and you will get the armor tube and shows you the armor bar. Now go outside and go to the first way that we used to walk to get inside and you will find an officer open the dorr for you. You will find a lift open, go inside and it will bring you down. After you there, the first loading appear. Go to lower research office and wait untill the researcher open the another door. Once you inside you will see one of the electric panel was broken. You go to the next door and it will bring you down again. Go to the Test Lab which labeled at the door and the officer will open it for you.

You will find 2 researcher talking around and will open the gate. And there you will see the rocket like device. Climb the stairs and press one of the green button, the device will move and bring out the magnificent effect, the red light begin get out of control, its awesome sensation. After a while, a device will come up in the small cage and the cage will make it way down leaving the device it self. Bring that thing forward till it touch the red lighting and fuss happen when it touch that. It start out of control and change it colors to green and start shooting a laser around, you got hit and everything go black, once it clear again, 4 aliens will appear in front of you and its the end of Anomalous Materials chapter.

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