Black Mesa features 8 new Screenshots

The best way to promote a game according to the development team behind the Black Mesa is to go trough what they are calling a

social media campaign to widely promote the tittle of the game and it will conclude with the game’s long-awaited release.

And the new Screenshots gallery is the first public statement from the mod team behind Black Mesa as their first public
statement after the prolonged and a four year of puzzling silence from the mod team.

Using the Source Engine, Black Mesa will reintroduce the player as the hero Dr Gordon Freeman, and also along with the original cast of memorable Characters and enviroments as seen in Half-Life.

When Black mesa source was built and founded it didn’t fully live up to the potential of a Source engine port of Half-Life. But, Black Mesa was founded in order to fully reconstruct the Half-Life universe utilizing Source to  its maximu potential in terms of art detail, level sizes and Code Features. The idea is to remake the storyline used in Half Life into a new polished Source Engine version also with new models, maps, soundtrack,voice acting and textures.

As we all know that the modification of the Half Life games has been in development since 2004 and also in recent years it was increasingly branded as a “vapourware” it is another terms of a game that would never be published or it would just vaporized into thin air so as the terms speaking and never get released to public.

But then something interesting happened over the weekend, an actual update on the game’s official website is revealing that new media (screenshots or other type of preview of the game) with key information would be released as soon as the Black Mesa Facebook fan page hit 20,000 ‘Likes’ – and this is a feat that was achieved early on Monday. Altough there is still no final release date for the project has been set.

Black Mesa is a revisit to the first Half-Life game, though rebuilt from the ground up with the engine behind the 2004 sequel Half-Life 2. It is believed the game will stay faithful to the core narrative, level structure and design philosophies of the source material.

The game’s first trailer was released in 2005, and three years later it was announced that the mod would be released in 2009. At one stage it was suggested the game would be free, of which there have been no claims to the contrary throughout the development cycle. But now we can be relieved by the screenshots that they gave us to get our motor running.

Black Mesa’s core development team has shifted during the eight years of development, and the team’s correspondence with Half-Life studio Valve is thought to be minimal.

If you’ve forgotten about Black Mesa by now, then it is not entirely your fault to blame. This Source Engine remake of The Half life modification actually was originally announced a really long  time ago, but the development team is still working hard on try to bring  the game to the new engine. And as part of their facebook advertising campaign, they have released eight new screenshots from the latest build that show some classic HL moments reimagined.

Because the whole Black Mesa project is developed by volunteers and that is also a reason for its road to release has been slow and troubled. Still, the developers promise more updates “in the near future,” so i guess we will have to stay patient and enjoy these screenshots.



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