The following Barbarian Inferno build guide overview will give you information when you choose the Barbarians class and you are trying to survive Inferno difficulty in Diablo 3. But you should note this, that this build is not recomended if you are playing Hardcore.

The Barbarian Inferno build Concept:

Barbarians is perfect for players who are interested in powerful tanks with high health and armor. The purpose for the Barbarian is to tank damage from enemies while units with higher DPS can safely kill the enemies.

This Barbarian Inferno build main concept is to maintain your position as the tank but also have an ability of explosive DPS with 3 big cooldowns when running into bosses, elites, champions etc. You can inflict great damage by combining strong All Resist, resistance is really important in Barbarian inferno build,  and also combining armor items with your passives that buff armor and resistance. can you see how good that look ?

Barbarian Inferno Build Stat Prioritization:

The break down is  Barbarian stat prioritization. We higly recommend this  for Inferno Difficulty. You can see that it is ideal to have all, but if you cannot have it all, then this will help you to prioritize what you really need.

All Resistances
Life on Hit

Barbarian Inferno Skill Build:

Primary: Cleave; Rune: Broad Sweep

When you are stacking life on hit then Cleave is a great ability , it will allow you to do great life regeneration to heal yourself. And also if you stand against a single boss, you should consider using Frenzy.

Secondary: Leap; Rune: Iron Impact

While we’re on cooldown, having to be able to spam 300%+ armor is very useful, because our Barbarian Inferno build is all about having high survivability. Leap is really great for engaging mobs and then running away.

Tactics: War Cry; Rune: Impunity

This is a skill that all Barbarians in Inferno must have and it is non negotiable you really need this skill, because all Resistance is the primary stat we’re stacking, you should make it even better with a 50% boost

Rage: Earthquake; Rune: The Mountain’s Call

It is a 2000% Weapon Damage in an 18 yard Radius. What else should i need to say? We can use the Mountain’s call rune because we need to spam 3 cooldowns with our low Fury pool very quickly.

Rage: Call of the Ancients; Rune: Duty to the Clan

You can Summon 3 barbarians to fight along side you for a period of 20 seconds (using the rune). This gives you both good  and tanks damage from your foes and DPS .

Rage: Wrath of the Berserker; Rune: Insanity

If you familiar with Dragon Ball then you would consider this as “Super Sayian Mode” – Turn into super saiyan mode for 15 seconds. With the Insanity rune, you can increase your damage by 100%. With all 3 cooldowns active, you can devastate anyone that crosses your path!

Passive Skill #1: Boon of Bul-Kathos

This skill decrease the cooldowns of Earthquake, Call of the Ancients and Wrath of the Berserker by about 30 seconds (or 33%). You must have this passive with this build, because we are looking to spam these cooldowns.

Passive Skill #2: Tough as Nails

It would be better if you are stacking Physical damage returned to attacker, in order to survive between cool down you will need thise passive to give you a great increase in armor.

Passive Skill #3: Nerves of Steel

Even though this one is optional, because dont really need to stack vitality; however,  you will get a nice armor boost from the barbarian’s natural high vitality with no armor. you can subtitute  this passive with Superstition.

So That is our Barbarian Inferno Build Overview

If you are looking for an easy and great way for farming with Barbarian Inferno Build

You should check this video out.

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