Barbarian Guide talks around the Barbarian Class in Diablo 3, in this Barbarian Guide on Leveling, we will give you the best build that we have collected to be Barbarian Class, check this Barbarian Guide in Leveling, and please leave useful Comment in this Barbarian Guide if you found something helpful.

Barbarian Guide on Best Solo Leveling Build

In this Barbarian Guide in leveling, I  assume that we all have agree that  creating a barbarian spec that will mold your character into the ideal power leveling juggernaut to kill the enemy as quickly as possible.

I will be focusing in this Barbarian Guide on the best skills to use while leveling for high-damage AOE attacks, life regeneration and reliable fury to keep the action moving forward quickly.

This Barbarian Guide is useful when you are leveling by yourself. If leveling with a group, you will obviously need to think about your group variety when deciding which role you will play and how you should spec your barbarian.

Barbarian Guide Leveling Build: Levels 1-10

During the first 10 levels, there are a few skills you should use to get started on your way.  Some of these abilities may not be there when you first start out but that’s ok. In the meantime use what you have and simply respec accordingly when the suggested barbarian skills become available.

Below are the 3 active skills and 1 passive skill that will be the most beneficial for easy leveling in the early stages of D3:

 Active Barbarian Skill – Cleave (Fury Generator)

Cleave will be a great asset while leveling. It hits numerous targets at once for 120% weapon damage and also generates 5 Fury per attack. This will be your main Fury-generating attack.

Best Skill Rune- Rupture

With Rupture activated, any enemy you kill using Cleave will blast and do 85% damage to every single monster within 8 yards. Increasing your AOE damage is the key to faster leveling and Rupture is made for exactly that.

Active Barbarian Skill – Rend (Fury Spender)

Rend is a great AOE attack that  places a bleed, or damage over time effect (DoT). This bleed does 210% weapon damage  for 3 seconds. Useful to open with this in a fight to get the bleed damage rolling as you continue attacking with other abilities.

Best Skill Rune- (None available for levels 1-10)

Active Barbarian Skill – Leap Attack (Fury Generator)

Leap Attack allows makes your barbarian jump to a nearby location on the map and cause 125% weapon damage to everything within an 8 yard radius. Not only will give you a speed boost while darting around Sanctuary, it also will allow you to gather up enemies quickly and efficiently with its AOE damage. Leap Attack generates  15 Fury and has a relatively short cooldown of 10 seconds.

Best Skill Rune- (None available for levels 1-10)

Active Barbarian Skill – Ancient Spear (Fury Generator)

With this ability,  barbarian can throw a spear at an enemy and pull him back to you if he’s trying to get away. Ancient spear will place a 60% movement debuff on the affect target and will also cause damage of 185%.

Best Skill Rune- (None available for levels 1-10)

Passive Barbarian Skill – Pound of Flesh

Gives the barbarian a 25% increased chance of finding a health globe when killing an enemy and each health globe will grant an additional 100% additional life. This is a powerful skill,  it allows you to take on much larger groups of enemies without too much fear of dying.

Pound of Flesh vs. Ruthless is relatively have modest damage increase offered by Ruthless is peanuts compared to the overall amount of extra damage you’ll be doing when you round a groups of baddies substantially larger than you would otherwise be able to handle.

Barbarian Guide Leveling Build: Levels 11-20

Barbarian will gain access to more powerful active skills to help him during the leveling process. At levels 12 and 18 you will gain access to additional skill slots and at level 20 you will be given your second