I think most of the players out there that have played angry birds would love to play as the Pigs side and just wanna take some of the action of the Angry Pigs on the Angry birds rather than the other way around.

Have about you ? did  you ever wanted to play as the Angry pigs in the next Angry Birds series?

The Rovio’s Angry Birds is the game that almos broke just about every video game record out there. they has sent birds through the holidays, the seasons and it has even sent those angry birds through out space. I can understant that all of the game fans must have been wondering after all of the series that Rovio released, Angry Birds lovers would be wondering about what will they released for the next of angry birds series.

Although Angry Pigs is still as a rumor, but has it Rovio is working on adding the ability to play as the evil pigs in the next iteration of the game.

Angry Pigs, Rovio’s sequel to the popular Angry Birds franchise will be told and played from the enemy’s side, the pigs’ perspective. In the game Angry Birds, as you may know from the game’s story the mischievous pigs have stolen the birds eggs, and this is making the birds angry and the birds decide to deal with the situation by using the  slingshot to throw themselves and attack the pigs.

Now, in Angry Pigs it may looks like the pigs have had enough of these angry birds and they will fight back, they will return the fire in some manner in a sequel to the popular game the Angry Birds. And also another great news about the angry birds series is it looks like Angry Birds will get a multi-player element added to the game, but we still dont know that for sure because the details are not available on how that feature will be implemented yet.

Angry Pigs Rumor

Rovio CEO Peter Vesterbacka share some secret with their fans yesterday about the Angry Birds series when he mentioned that the angry pigs is going to be available on all major gaming platforms soon, it is not particulary available on mobile devices only. Although this comment is not the comment that get the most attention, the comment that got the most attention of the fans of the game was that the Angry Birds sequel is in development and the sequel  won’t focus entirely on the birds, well it would be interesting to know that there are other character that we will be able to play in the next angry birds sequel.

The Angry Birds sequel story line will be told from the point of view of the pigs, they have been the victims of the vicious attacks by the Angry birds in Part One of the game. Peter Vesterbacka , Rovio’s CEO also confirmed that there is a movie and a TV show that are apparently in the works, and he also mention that most of Rovio’s investment at the current time is going into a Facebook game. It is not the Angry Birds, but the facebook game will take place in the same world as the late most popular game.

As part of Vesterbacka’s plans for “Angry Birds to be bigger than Tetris.” Rovio is also working on a multiplayer version of Angry Birds beside working on Angry Pigs.