SEGA, the Japanese company is a video game developer, will release the game Aliens Colonial Marine. This game is inspired from the film appeared in 1986 with the same title. This game will take players in an atmosphere of tension, panic and horror. This game trailer has also been released on the Youtube site, recently.

After the release of Aliens vs. Predator game distribution rights held by SEGA in 2010, SEGA proceeded further by holding creators of Borderlands 2, Gearbox to handle the game Aliens Colonial Marine.

As reported by the site DSOgaming, Wednesday (28/11), Aliens Colonial Marine tells the story of a group of four Marines. They survived the onslaught of the Xenomorph aliens who are ready to prey on each player in a multiplayer game mode. Survivor of the games will put four players into an arena or a room in the presence of the aliens, who are constantly coming to ambush each team member.

Reported by Randy Ptichford, CEO of Gearbox. Game Aliens Colonial Marine will continue the story left by the movie Aliens directed by James Cameron, and the Alien movies directed by Scott Ripley. This game is a continuation of the story that the film was directed by James Cameron. The film has a different story because the producer is always changing each series. Meanwhile, the game is trying to provide an element of the story remains fresh without leaving a gripping horror element when the aliens are targeting the Gamer.

According to Gearbox there are two mistakes in the movie Aliens that need to be addressed. First is the direction of Ripley Scott Alien movie tells the story of the beginning of the arrival of this extraterestrial creatures. But the movie Aliens 3 actually has a story deviates from the Aliens movie trilogy.

The second mistake is an opportunity to be the main character in the film. With the setting of the story and the complexity of the various alien world wide. Gearbox decided to have a homemade game Aliens Colonial Marine. As well as being the inspiration for the gamer to play a member of the Marines, like when they watch the movie Aliens. This game is suited to be a suitable setting for the characters fill the story in the series Aliens.

In the game Aliens Colonial Marine is a marine gamers will play as the Aliens film series for 10 hours more. Longer than the duration of the film which is only 2 hours. Gamers will feel like living in a movie, and to control the story.

Gearbox really prepare game Aliens Colonial Marine well. Game writer also prepared specifically to build the story of this game, and also working with the actors cast before the film Aliens.

Game Aliens Colonial Marine themselves will release in February 2013, on the platform PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

SEGA will release famous game Aliens Colonial Marine is taking the game’s latest trailer. Game is inspired by the same movie title Aliens will bring horror into the tension as well as video games. Here is the Trailer :