Adventure Quest Worlds (AQ Worlds) is a 2D MMORPG game and are created by the same team of Adventure Quest. The publisher of Adventure Quest Worlds is Artix Entertainment somehow manage to gain a huge popularity of this game due to it’s high playerbase. Not like many MMORPG developed today, Adventure Quest Worlds were developed only in web based. There are no installation or program needed to play the game. Only by opening the game web and you can play the MMORPG. Adventure Quest Worlds? Let’s review this one.

Adventure Quest Worlds

As a MMORPG with only web based system, the graphic quality of the Adventure Quest Worlds is of course low. There’s not much attracting thing if we see from the graphic, but actually this game has something that charm us and make us want to play this game. The gameplay, the available class, the quest, the community, and of course Adventure Quest Worlds is web based: no need to download at all.

The gameplay of Adventure Quest Worlds is like another MMORPG, fight and raise your level and complete numerous quest. Actually the game is quite easy for starter because the game is easy to understand. The quest also help a lot at start and there are a lot of repeatable quest to play. The movement system is also like the usual MMORPG, click to move and to attack monsters.

Somehow, there’s a huge disadvantage for non paying players, due to limited content and maps. There’re 4 class to start and some other class later, but if you didn’t pay for the game, you only get the 4 basic class. About the graphic of Adventure Quest Worlds, i don’t want to talk much, seeing that this is a web-based game The bad thing is that if you are on the middle of a quest, and accidentally or unaccidentally you exit the game, the quest will reset! So be careful and make sure you have completed the quest. Adventure Quest Worlds also implemented a strict chat rules, well this is good so children are safe to play this game.

As a web-based game, the simplistic and casual of Aventure Quest Worlds is stealing people’s heart. Although the game at some point may be boring, it’s still quite worthy to play in maybe a free time during works, because all you need is a browser to play the game.

There are 4 major classes in Adventure Quest Worlds as i want to describe them below:

Healer – From the name we can understand that this class main role is to support in a group. Healer can be upgraded into acolyte.

Mage – Mage took the role as heavy magic hitter, in charge of a lot of mana. Mage can be upgraded into Sorcerer.

Rogue – The stealthy class that can deal huge damage but actually has a weak defense and health. Can be upgraded into Renegade.

Warrior – The basic class which deals its enemy with powerful attack and can take a lot of damage due to its high armor and a loot of health pool. They can be upgraded into Warlord.

Besides this 4 main classes of Adventure Quest Worlds, there are several classes which can be accessed through paying for the game. There are: Paladin, Pirate, Berserker, Beast Warrior, Ninja, Witch, Vampire, etc.

Well, end of the review ^^ You can try to play Adventure Quest Worlds here. Oh btw, my nickname is Eschar19 if you somehow meet me in-game