Here they are, another iPhone / iPod puzzle solving game like Dooors, but this one is called 100 Floors. The objective is to make your way through level 100 using the lift, and to access the lift there’re several thing that blocks it which you must solve in order to use lift. Have a feeling that this is a walkthrough article? You got it right! Well, i should say that it’s better for you to try it for yourself to solve the puzzle, it will be fun. But if you’re stuck, here’s a guide on solving 100 Floors, from first floor until 20th floor.

100 Floors guide – level 1 – 20

1st Floor – 100 Floors

Simple, rather a tutorial. Just tap the green “up” button and press the green arrow to proceed.

2nd Floor – 100 Floors

Slide the garbage and pick the green triangle under it, it will then go to your inventory. Pick it and place it in the space in the right, and press it again to open the lift.

3rd Floor – 100 Floors

Just tilt your phone to right and left and the lift will open.

4th Floor – 100 Floors

Tap the door with your finger and swipe it open.

5th Floor – 100 Floors

Shake the screen so the ladder will falls.

6th Floor – 100 Floors

Move the right plant to uncover a sun. Tap the sun and then tap another 3 sun above the door which looks  like the sun behind the plant until it glows, and the door will open.

7th Floor – 100 Floors

Tilt the phone to the right until the stone hit the button, the door will open then.

8th Floor – 100 Floors

Scatter the food around by sweeping it, until you find banana. Give the banana to the gorilla and the door will open.

9th Floor – 100 Floors

Tap the big circle until it match the small circle in the corner.

10th Floor – 100 Floors

Turn the phone upside down and it will get rid of the snake. Swipe through the arrow and the door will open.

11th Floor – 100 Floors

Tilt the phone until 2 balls was located in the hole at the same time, hold the position and the door will open.

12th Floor – 100 Floors

Hit both the red button until the light green above it turns on, and the door will open.

13th Floor – 100 Floors

Shake your phone, and god will gives you hammer from above. Use it to break the wall.

14th Floor – 100 Floors

Just tap your finger and hold at the handprint until all the lights turn green.

15th Floor – 100 Floors

Tap 1,6,4,3 to proceed

16th Floor – 100 Floors

Use the screwdriver on the floor to unscrew the screws and remove the plate by turning the phone upside-down.

17th Floor – 100 Floors

Tilt the phone and guide the ball to hit the button. The number you hit the button is stated on the door, it means that you must hit 1 time on the left, then 2 times on the right, 3 times on the left, and finally 2 times on the right. The door will open then.

18th Floor – 100 Floors

You’ll see five squares that are not glowing, and your mission is to lite it by tapping on it as quick as possible.

19th Floor – 100 Floors

Grab the rag on the floor and clean the glass door, it will open then.

20th Floor – 100 Floors

Move the “wet floor” sign and you will find a screw under it. Take it and place it on the hole, use your screwdriver to tighten it.

That’s how to solve the first 20 levels on 100 Floors. I hope that the guide will give you a lot of help to solve the 100 Floors. Thanks for reading ^^